June 30, 2015

3 Tips for Wearing Denim Shorts in Your 30s

How to keep it classy.

Denim Shorts : How to Keep It Classy

What says summer more than a good pair of denim shorts? The mere mention of these elicits feelings of laid-back, carefree summer days. It’s a summer staple everyone should have.

However, just because we dress more casually in the summer does not mean we should throw out all sophistication, no matter our age. So, how can we keep denim shorts looking respectable and chic as we move on past our teens and twenties?

The most obvious notion almost goes without saying: watch the length. According to prevalent cultural norms, as we get older, our hemlines should get longer. Whether you agree with this conventional wisdom or not, the fact remains: garment length is certainly the easiest way to to ensure pieces like denim shorts remain appropriate.

Truth be told, when I ordered this pair of shorts online, I expected them to be a little longer. However, what they lacked in length, they made up for in style and comfort and uniqueness. So, I decided to keep them, knowing that I would have to consciously counteract the length issue. To do so, I employed these three styling ideas to keep it classy:

1. Polish it off

Denim shorts are by nature casual. If we want to make them look “grown up”, it is best to polish off the look with a structured, classic pieces up top. Here, I paired mine with a blazer and peplum top. I also have styled these shorts with a crisp white button down shirt.

2. Balance it out

As a general rule, I like to think of showing skin as a balancing act. If you are showing a lot on bottom, then perhaps consider covering up more on top, or vice versa. This allows one to be alluring without showing too much. For instance, I would never pair a cropped top with these shorts. It would just be too much for me personally. Plus, we all know that even in the summer it’s good practice to have a jacket for those frigid indoor air-conditioned spaces.

3. Divert focus

A refined way for donning denim shorts is not to make them the sole center of attention. Divert visual interest elsewhere. In my case, the billowy nature of this peplum top, the rich textures and bold colors of the jacket, plus the eye-catching sunglasses all serve to move the eye upward.


Keep reading for details on getting my exact look or replicating it for less…

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Are you wearing denim shorts this summer? If so, what are your thoughts on keeping them classy? For more options for denim shorts, be sure to check out our Top 15 picks for denim shorts.

As always, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! Have a great day.


Photos by Maritere Rice


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