August 02, 2018

7 Steps to Make Your Own Unicorn Sundae

For kids and adults!

DIY Unicorn Sundae

Summer is winding down, and we’re certainly not ready to say goodbye to this most carefree season! For as long as we can, we’re going to savor every hot day and long night. And we’re especially looking to cherish every moment with our little ones!

And when it comes to the little ones, we know it can sometimes be a bit challenging to fill each and everyday with fun activities in order to keep them entertained! Well, we have a fun (and delicious) activity that both you and your kiddo will thoroughly enjoy.

And that is making a unicorn sundae! Indeed, unicorns are all the rage (and for good reason!), and between the colorful nature of unicorns and our love for sweets, this was certainly a fun project. And as you can tell, the kids were big fans.

7 Steps to Make Your Own Unicorn Sundae

1. Make unicorn ears: To make the ears, cut marshmallows in half and dip the sticky part in sprinkles. Have fun with it and choose your favorite color of sprinkles.

2. Make unicorn horn: Cut waffle cones in half. Using the small pointed part you can either wrap it in edible gold leaf (we found ours here) or decorate with edible gold paint or dust.

3. Make sprinkle coated cups: Using your favorite color of candy melts, dip your preferred cup of choice in the melted candy and then dip in a bowl of sprinkles, let dry on parchment paper. We used these pink Wilton candy melts.

4. Add ice cream: Build the ice cream layers with your favorite flavors and colors of ice cream. We love local Lee’s Creamery ice cream served at Petite Sweets because they have such colorful, tasty ice cream. Make sure you add sprinkles between each layer for more magic!

5. Top with whip cream: We used the homemade whip cream made at Petite Sweets (still drooling…).

6. Add more sprinkles or magic (edible) gold dust

7. Garnish with unicorn horn and ears and enjoy!

Extra tips

-Prep the ears, horns and cups ahead of time or the night before.

-Use waffle cone bowls as containers for all the colorful ingredients to add a special touch.

-Having guests over or hosting a play date? Make it an ice cream party with balloons!

-Most importantly, there are no rules! Use as many sprinkles as you want, whatever flavors you want. There is no right or wrong. Have fun with it!

A few more things

Thank you so much to our friend Esther for dressing our girls in adorable cuteheads dresses! Elle is in the Fallon romper and Jamie is in the Ellie dress.

We hope you make this unicorn sundae with your little ones, and if you do, let us know how it turns out!

As well, did you catch our article on how to set up a colorful coffee bar? We hope you love it as much as we do!

Enjoy these last few weeks of summer and we’ll see you back here tomorrow.

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