It’s Really Hot

Written by Julie Weinstein

You guys, it’s hot outside. As in really, really hot. I feel like this summer has been hotter than the past couple, and it’s only mid-July. It’s almost impossible to be outside unless being outside involves being in some form of water. Houston is no joke this time of year!

The good thing is that while it’s crazy hot outside, there are some great things you can do in this city that won’t involve you sweating all day long. In fact, we’ve pulled together eight of our favorite things to do when it’s just too hot to be outdoors.

8 Things to Do in Houston When It’s 95° Outside

  1. The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

    • Museums are a great idea when the weather isn’t ideal outside. You can spend hours upon hours in a museum, and lucky for all of us Houstonians, we have some pretty amazing ones here. Our personal favorite has to be The Museum of Fine Arts, and currently there are two exhibits catching our eye. The Pipilotti Rist: Pixel Forest and Worry Will Vanish exhibition is immersive and mesmerizing (going on through 9/17) and the Ron Mueck exhibition is equal parts eerie and fascinating (going on through 8/13).
  2. Levy Park

    • Yes, I know, you  might not be jumping at the idea of going to a park when the heat index is soaring above 100°, but Houston’s newest green space, Levy Park, has a splash pad and interactive water features, which will help cool you down. Truly, it’s one of the most beautiful and well-done parks we’ve ever seen. This is a great activity for the kiddies in your life, too!
  3. iPic Theaters

    • When it’s scorching outside, it can be a nice idea to sit in a dark, cold (keyword : cold) movie theater getting lost in a great story on screen. And if you haven’t been to iPic, you definitely should make your way there. Not only can you enjoy a movie, but you’ll be lounging in the most comfortable seats and eating and drinking a delicious meal (if you choose) while doing so. I really want to go see The Big Sick.
  4. Spa Day

    • Treat yourself to a day of pampering! Whether before a big event or a date or just because (I mean, you don’t ever need a reason, right?), getting a manicure / pedicure is always fun. Make sure to check out our Houston Nail Salon Guide to see our favorite spots, and if you’re looking to get a blowout, we recommend Full Blown.
  5. Reflexology

    • On that same idea of a spa day, make yourself a reflexology appointment. I’m addicted! You can even run over on your lunch break. Prices are great for an hour long massage, and you’ll feel so relaxed afterwards. My personal favorite spots are Amore Reflexology and Midtown Reflexology.
  6. Grab a Delicious Meal

    • The good thing about Houston being so hot is that the air conditioning inside works, and works well! Especially in restaurants. And we all know Houston is known for their food. Grab brunch or dinner or dessert at a delicious spot you haven’t been to, or pop back in to an old favorite.
  7. Enjoy Some Ice Cream

    • Summer and ice cream go hand in hand, and there are some delicious ice cream spots here in town. Bookmark our Houston Ice Cream Guide and even make it your mission to try each one before summer’s end! What’s better than cooling down on a hot day with a perfect scoop of ice cream? Although, who am I kidding, when do we ever have just one scoop?
  8. Staycation

    • Another great thing about Houston is that we have some truly wonderful hotels. And if you live here, you likely don’t get to stay at them often (or ever). Why not treat yourself (or you and your spouse or go with some girlfriends) to a little staycation right here in our own city? That way, you can enjoy the little luxuries of a hotel all the while exploring Houston in a way you don’t typically do so, and it’ll feel like a vacation, even if only minutes away from your home. Our favorite hotels include The Four Seasons (they recently underwent a massive renovation, and it’s gorgeous), The Houstonian (you’ll want to spend the entire day in their spa), Hotel ZaZa (steps away from the Museum District), Hotel Granduca (minutes from The Galleria, and beautifully European feeling), and the new Marriott Marquis downtown (have you seen their Texas sized (and shaped) lazy river / pool)?!

In Closing

Now, tell us! What’s your favorite thing to do in Houston (or wherever you live) in the summer? We’d love your ideas. And if you check out any of the above, be sure to let us know. Have a great rest of your day and we hope you’re enjoying your summer!


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