Elle at Three Months 

Editor’s Note: Happy Monday! Today’s post is the third in a series of monthly updates that will be published during Elle’s first year. You can read my other two letters here and here

A Letter to My Daughter

Oh sweet Elle Belle,

I’ve already had the privilege of being your mama for three whole months! And I have to say this month has been the best yet! In fact, each month just gets better and better.

Let’s take a look back at the last month, shall we? It was, indeed, a happy one!

At three months old, you are growing like crazy! Now, admittedly, I’m not sure of your exact weight and length measurements this month, as you didn’t have a required doctor’s visit this month. I’m guessing you’re about twelve pounds, but that’s totally a guess.

At three months old, you have developed chubby cheeks and chunky legs, and I love it!

At three months old, you have now taken your first trip! A very important milestone in this family. And no surprise – you were a total rockstar! We took a girls trip to Aspen with your Aunt Kelli and your Tita. You did wonderfully on the flight itself and with the altitude.  We spent so much time outside – hiking in the mountains and on the trails, walking around town, dining outdoors, and just relaxing in the park. You really seemed to enjoy the cool mountain air. Maybe your affinity for Colorado stems from it being your mama’s birth place!

At three months old, you have survived your second natural disaster! Yikes. Now, that may be a bit overly dramatic on mom’s part, but here’s the story… While we were in Aspen, we started hearing rumblings of Hurricane Harvey heading to Houston. Well, we thought it was best to extend our stay in Aspen to wait out the storm. Well, what we assumed would be only a mild inconvenience became a full-blown disaster. While our house was fine, Hurricane Harvey brought lots of rain and flooding and devastation to many we know and love in the community. While the harrowing scenes were playing out in Houston, we continued making great memories in Aspen. I felt a guilty feeling about this, but we were helping from afar as much as we could. And on the other hand, I felt extremely blessed and grateful for the extended time with you.

Side note: In case you were wondering what the other natural disaster was, well, that one was a doozy! Mom survived a major earthquake in New Zealand while I was (unbeknownst to me) pregnant with you! Yep – it registered as a 7.4 on the Richter scale. And we had to evacuate the hotel in the middle of the night to find higher ground during a tsunami warning. Can you believe that? You can read more about it here.

At three months old, not only have our adventures together been grand, but daily living with you is grand! Your smiles are absolutely the best thing I’ve ever seen! And I’m not even exaggerating, my sweet Elle Belle. Your sunny, happy, bright disposition completely brightens my world. You are generally a happy baby, but especially first thing in the morning. Just the sound of your voice warms my heart. I love our smile and laugh contests. They start my day off on the right foot every day!

At three months old, your joy is infectious! Undoubtedly, you bring smiles and laughter and love to all with whom you come in contact. I pray that you continue to spread joy throughout your life.

At three months old, you are so loved, sweet girl! We play a game sometimes where I ask you who loves you, and then I proceed to list on the people. And the list is so very long, Elle! Mommy loves you. Daddy loves you. Tita loves you. GranDan loves you. Yaya loves you. Aunt Kelli loves you. Aunt Macey loves you. Your sisters and brother love you. Your Great Granny loves you. And on and on the list goes…

At three months old, you are my sunshine. You brighten my life, my sweet angel. You are the sweetest thing I have ever laid eyes on. I have no idea what I did to deserve for you to be my baby. But I am forever grateful that I am!

Nothing will ever come between us. I love you forever and always.




Cuteheads is Giving Back in a Big Way!

For her three month photos, Elle is wearing a dress from our friend Esther at cuteheads. That was an intentional choice on my part. And not just because it’s an adorable dress!

But for another very good reason… For the entire month of September, cuteheads is donating 100% of their profits to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Pretty incredible, huh?

So, head on over to their site and get to shopping! You can shop what Elle’s wearing here or anything else from Esther’s beautiful collections. Her latest collection launched just last week, and there are so many great pieces! I’m eyeing this and this for Elle.


Manor’s #HoustonStrong Collection

Our other dear friend Beth over at Manor has created a #HoustonStrong collection, for which all proceeds from it will be going to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Amazing! Currently, you can get a onesie and a mug. We love that each piece gives back to such a great cause, and we can’t help but also adore the rainbow colors!

You can see Elle rocking the onesie above… I can’t handle her pose in that first pic!


A huge thank you goes out to Ailee Petrovic for the beautiful photos, as well as Big Ass Balloons and Riley Elizabeth Designs for the fabulous balloon. 


Monthly baby photos


  1. Jill Barnett says:

    I just love reading your monthly letters to her and “feeling” the joy you are feeling as a momma to your sweet girl. Would you have ever imagined how good it would be? One of my favorite quotes about motherhood and my boys: “You’re everything I never knew I always wanted.” ???

    1. Carrie says:

      Jill – thank you so much for saying that! I have told several people that I love this motherhood thing way more than I expected to! And I mean that in a really good, positive way. In fact, your quote pretty much says it perfectly. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Thanks for sharing that.

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