A Look Back at the Incredible Style of Jenna Lyons

By now, we’re sure you might have heard about Jenna Lyons leaving J.Crew after 26 years. Jenna Lyons is one we’ve been following for years. And not only because we are such fans of J.Crew, as evidenced here, here, here, and here (to name a few), but because of her effortless, fun, modern, downright gorgeous style. She truly shaped J.Crew and turned it into the retailer it is today.

What we love so much about Jenna’s story is that she worked her way up at J.Crew, starting as an Assistant Designer right out of college and becoming Creative Director and then President of the company. Pretty incredible, right? We love seeing women like Jenna rise to the top, and as sad as it is to see her leaving J.Crew after 26 years with the company, it’s pretty incredible to look back at the brand she helped form.

Jenna’s Style

No matter where Jenna is jetting off to or how long her days are, she seems to always be impeccably dressed, yet it always looks so effortless. Whether she is pairing bold prints with denim or tulle ball skirts with casual menswear inspired shirts or her very ‘Jenna Lyons look’ of a statement coat hanging off her shoulders, she always nails her outfits. She’s able to take the most casual item in one’s wardrobe and pair it with its dressy distant cousin and somehow still make it work. And not just work, but work well. She certainly has an eye, which has been seen through J.Crew’s designs over the last many years.

Some of Our Favorite Looks

Below we’ve pulled together some of our favorite looks of Jenna’s. There are endless photos out there of Jenna looking stylish as ever, but we narrowed it down to nine.

In Closing

Have you been following Jenna’s career throughout the years? Isn’t she the epitome of a #girlboss? What’s your favorite look of hers from above? Let us know in the comments below!

Images (from left to right) borrowed from Brit + Co, Business of Fashion, New York Times, Layover Boutique, Style Carrot, Observer, Refinery 29, Who What Wear, Man Repeller

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  1. Jenn Lake says:

    So excited to find out what she’ll do next! Such an iconoclast!

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