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A Wicker Bag is the Best Spring Accessory

Written by Julie Weinstein

When it comes to accessories, sometimes less is more (the operative word there being sometimes, of course). And one of the hottest spring accessory trends out there right now is the wicker bag. Call it wicker, call it rattan, call it straw; whatever you want to call it, we’re into it. We imagine wearing wicker bags all spring and summer long, oftentimes with no other accessories, as it really stands on its own. There’s something about wicker that just screams warm days, popsicles, beach filled weekends, and sweet summer nights. Don’t you think?

Another great thing about wicker bags is that they truly go with everything in your closet. And we mean everything. Given their typically natural color (although we’ve seen some beautiful colorful wicker bags, too), it’s a no brainer when getting dressed in the morning. Forget the layers of necklaces, forget the chunky bracelets, just add that wicker bag to your outfit and you’re set. Don’t get us wrong; we love necklaces, bracelets, and all other accessories, but, as we said, your wicker bag can really do all the talking in most instances.

And this year we’re seeing wicker bags everywhere, at every price point, and in all shapes and sizes. It makes it difficult for us indecisive types (guilty!), but there’s certainly no shortage of stylish options, and I guess that’s not really a bad thing! And some of the most stylish have been wearing those wicker bags all spring long already.

Street Style

As you’ve likely noticed, we love pulling together street style inspiration for you. We feel it gives you even more ideas on how to wear the specific item or trend we’re discussing. So, with that, see below for some great ways to wear your wicker bag.


Carrie’s Favorite Wicker Bag

Did you catch Monday’s post? Carrie sported a gorgeous wicker bag from J McLaughlin that she absolutely adores. And can you blame her? It’s a beauty (and a great price!).


29 Wicker Bags We Love

Now, the fun part! We’ve hand picked 29 wicker bags we absolutely love that you can easily shop below. You’ll find all price points, all shapes and sizes, simple, adorned, and everything in between. Simply click on the one you like and you’ll be taken directly to the retailer’s site. Easy!



In Closing

So, what do you think? Do you love wicker bags, too? Which is your favorite from above? Let us know in the comments below. As well, be sure to check back this afternoon, as we have a very fun interview coming your way!

Photos of Carrie by Maritere Rice; Street style photos borrowed from Collage Vintage, Street Fashion Style, Vogue, Bows & Sequins, The Impression


  1. Jenn Lake says:

    What a fun round-up! Happy Wednesday!

    1. Carrie says:

      Thanks, Jenn! I really like the white wicker bag you’re carrying today. Xo

  2. There are so many cute wicker goodies out right now and I am loving all of your picks!!

    1. Carrie says:

      Thanks a bunch, Ashley! Xo

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