March 29, 2018

The 39 Colorful Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow Immediately

Add even more color to your life with these incredible Instagram feeds!

More Colorful Instagrams, Please!

Given our love of color, it should come as no surprise to you that scrolling through colorful Instagram accounts is part of our daily routines here at

The more color the better! Or, as we say around here… More color, please!

Indeed, there are some incredible accounts out there full of colorful inspiration. So, we decided to round up the very best colorful Instagram accounts for you! Now, for this round up, we solicited input from the whole team. While color is a common thread throughout these accounts, it’s a diverse group with something for everyone! From fashion to food to flatlays and more, these accounts deliver all sorts of creative, colorful, clever content.

If you’re not already following these accounts, be sure to click that follow button. These feeds will definitely not disappoint. And while you’re clicking that “follow” button, be sure to follow our hashtag – #morecolorplease! Yep, you can follow hashtags now. So, stay colorfully connected with the #morecolorplease movement.

Now, keep on reading for the 39 most colorful Instagram accounts you need to follow immediately.

The 39 Best Colorful Instagram Accounts

@abeautifulmess – one of the original blogs, A Beautiful Mess brings their colorful home decor, delicious recipes, and fun crafts to IG beautifully on this account – Julie

@acolorstory – Coincidentally, A Color Story is a photo editing app developed by the A Beautiful Mess team. On their Instagram feed, every photo is beautifully edited and of the highest quality. The feed always looks so fresh! – Julie

@alishylishy – Alisha Johns is the sweetest, most hard-working, creative gal you could ever meet! She shares her travels, creative work, and other colorful adventures. – Carrie

@amytangerine – Amy Tan is the wonderfully talented lady who creates our beautifully lettered Wednesday Words of Wisdom quotes each week. Now, what you may not know is that I’ve known Amy for over ten years! She’s so creative and crafty! In fact, she has a new book coming out next month. – Carrie

@ananewyork – Great travel and always beautiful color! Ana truly has a gift for capturing beautiful vignettes that resonate with others. – Mari

@andrewkuttler – Andrew just blows me away with his creativity! I often look at his photos and think, “Wow – how did  he do that?” or “Wow – how did he think of that”? – Carrie

@awhimsywonderland – Colorful wonderland by two beautiful ladies! – Mari

@aww.sam – Lots of pink and yellow! You can’t help but smile while scrolling this feed. – Julie

@bigntoasty – If there is anyone who loves color and murals as much as we do, it’s this one! She captures the best color from the NYC and DC area! – Mari

@brightbazaar – Interior design inspiration and travel inspiration at its finest. This feed will have you wanting to redecorate and travel! – Julie

@cakeandconfetti – A well curated, super sweet feed filled with balloons and food and party decor and more. – Ashley

@carriec – We snuck this one on the list, but how could we do a colorful Instagram account roundup without including the queen of color herself! As you know, Carrie’s feed is full of the most incredibly colorful fashion, fabulous murals, and lots more wonderful photos. – Julie

@thecollecteur – Giulia calls herself a pop-fashion artist. Check out her feed, and you’ll understand why. She’s truly one of a kind! – Carrie

@colormecourtney – Such a positive, uplifting spirit! I also love her work with videos. – Alex

@crafttherainbow – You know we are all about anything rainbow related! This account was started by Brittany of @houselarsbuilt based on her hashtag #crafttherainbow. And now, she too has a book coming out next month! – Carrie

@degoista – Great work and such creative portraits. – Mari

@elsielarson – Elsie is one of the founders of A Beautiful Mess (and a dear friend of Carrie’s). I’ve loved watching her adoption story unfold recently. – Ashley

@emmanuelcarvajal – Such a colorful and creative young Mexican Photographer. – Mari

@hol_fox – If you like color and cookies (and let’s be real, who doesn’t?), this will be your new favorite account. The most fabulous, colorful cookies you’ve ever seen. – Julie

@hotpinkpineapples – Cyn’s feed is just so much fun. Each photo is vibrant and immediately makes you happy. – Julie

@jenniferlake – I adore Jenn, and am thrilled to call her a friend. And her IG feed? Absolute perfection! Gorgeous outfits, gorgeous backdrops. – Carrie

@kellygolightly – Kelly’s feed will make you want to book a trip to Palm Springs asap! Each photo is is happy, fresh, and sunshine-filled. – Carrie

@lizzie_darden – I love Lizzie’s unique take on styling and photography. – Alex

@mariterecr – Our very own photographer Mari has the most beautifully curated feed full of the most colorful spots around town along with many doses of inspiration in between. – Julie

@mattcrump – Matt’s photography skills are on another level. He knows how to do color well! – Julie

@maydesigns – If you’re a sucker for a planner, notebook, and other fun items of that nature, you’ll fall in love with this feed. Pure beauty. – Ashley

@ohhappyday – It’s in the name; this feed will make your day happier! It’s such a fun one. Everything they do is colorful perfection! Plus, I can’t get enough of their party supply shop, @ohhappydaypartyshop. – Carrie

@ohjoy – I’ve been a long time fan of Oh Joy! and her feed never ever disappoints. Such wonderful photos. – Ashley

@packedparty – This account brings the party in the most colorful, confetti-filled way. – Julie

@rclayton – A fabulous wardrobe against coordinating, colorful backdrops. Love it! – Julie

@shelbysorrel – I’ve been following Shelby for so long because she always has the best places to go and eat in ATX! – Alex

@sophlog – Sophie from Atlanta loves colors and has a handsome older golden retriever who looks just like ours! What’s not to love? – Carrie

@splendid_rags – Her visual optimism is contagious! – Mari

@studiodiy – Kelly’s feed is such a pleasure to follow, and her son Arlo is too cute! Love everything about Studio DIY! – Carrie

@sugarandcloth – We are such fans and friends of our fellow Houstonians. Always a colorful dose of happiness, and the DIY projects are so fun! And their shop, @sugarandclothshop, is home to some of the best party and entertaining supplies around! – Julie

@teber – So visually pleasant! Such creative compositions! – Mari

@tomwindeknecht – Another gem of a feed; Tom’s colorful minimalistic take on the world is a beautiful thing to follow.  – Carrie

@violettinder – Filled with lots of pretty pinks and purples, among other colors, this feed is such a fun and unique one. – Alex

@wrightkitchen – Never has food looked so pretty (and colorful)! I can get lost scrolling through this feed. – Julie

Your Favorites

And now we’re dying to know the colorful accounts you love to follow. Please let us know in the comments below!


  1. Alisha Johns says:

    Thank you so much for thinking of me!! Such a wonderful list 👏🏻💕

    1. Of course! Thank you for all the happiness and positivity you bring to the world! 😀

  2. Cee Casillas says:

    Love this list so much!!! A few of my faves are @studiomucci @kimblygrace @littlesweetkaren and @ellalondon

    1. Oh thanks so much for sharing those! We will check them out immediately. And we are so glad you enjoyed this.

  3. Maca says:

    Such a perfect list, Carrie! yay! <3


    1. So glad you liked it, friend! xo

  4. Ana says:

    Great list! Found some gems I wasn’t familiar with. My work is pretty colorful too so please don’t mind I suggest my own account: @anaromerocollection

    1. Oh good! I can’t want to check it out. 🙂

    1. Thank you so very much for sharing!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Please check out @boho_fanatic
    account on instagram…You will love the Colorful Boho Vibes of that page.

    1. Will do! Thanks for stopping by.

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