April 23, 2020

The Best Mother's Day Flowers to Brighten Her Day

Believing in the power of color, I created this bouquet for you to tell Mom how she brightens your world!

The World Needs More Color - Especially Now

Hi friends – I’m so thrilled to share a big announcement with you today…

I have partnered with FTD and ProFlowers to create a special flower arrangement for Mother’s Day called the “You Color My World” arrangement.

A little background about this partnership… When the brand approached me, I was immediately on board! Who doesn’t love flowers? Especially now, we all need to be spreading good cheer!

As the brand outlined the Mother’s Day Here’s to Her campaign, I became even more excited. I would get to work with their head floral designer to bring my colorful vision to life. What a dream!

Right away, I knew I wanted this to be a jolt of happiness to each woman who received these flowers. After all, who among us couldn’t use a special dose of rainbow and sunshine floral goodness this Mother’s Day?

Keep reading for more details on the Mother’s Day flower arrangement I designed and all the details you need to know to order it yourself…

How to Pick the Very Best Mother’s Day Flowers

Before we get into details about the “You Color My World” flower arrangement, let’s cover a few frequently asked questions about Mother’s Day flowers…

When should I send Mother’s Day flowers?

Well, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10 this year. So, plan ahead so that your flowers arrive in a timely fashion.

If you’re like me and prone to forget, why not seize the moment and order flowers now? FTD and ProFlowers websites let you pick a delivery date.

So, go on… What are you waiting for? Order now – lest you forget to make Mom’s day special!

Is it safe to have flowers delivered right now?

Good news: these flowers are packaged and shipped via UPS – and they ship for free! That’s right – free shipping! The health and safety of employees and customers alike is of paramount importance. So, your flowers will be left at your door with contactless delivery.

Bonus: It’s really amazing how the flowers are packaged to stay fresh and perfectly put together!

What are the most popular flowers for Mother’s Day?

Roses, lilies, and daisies seem to be some of the most popular year after year. And we included a bit of each in our “You Color My World” flower arrangement. But of course, we put our own colorful spin on those popular Mother’s Day flowers!

What flowers symbolize motherhood?

Did you know that there is a specific flower that’s known to symbolize motherhood? Yep! It’s the carnation. Carnations have come to represent faith, love, charity, purity, and more lovely traits all associated with motherhood.

Now, truth be told, carnations aren’t always my favorite flower. But we sourced these especially pretty purple carnations for the “You Color My World” arrangement. And I have to admit – these lovely little carnations have won me over!

What color roses should I send my mom?

Well, I’m glad you asked! Different colors of roses have different meanings. Clearly, I’d steer away from romantic red roses. A great option for mom: orange roses! Orange roses are thought to express admiration in a bold way.

That’s the rose that we chose to include in the “You Color My World” flower arrangement.

To whom should I send Mother’s Day flowers?

Well, obviously your mom is a prime candidate! But even if you don’t have a mother in your life, I bet there are mother figures who have led and guided you along the path of life. I’d suggest honoring anyone who has played a mothering role in your life with some flowers!

Furthermore, the “You Color My World” arrangement is actually perfect to send to anyone right now! Maybe you’re missing a friend or family member while we are in isolation. Or maybe you want to repay a good deed. Or maybe you just want to spread some cheer to some friends. For any and all of these occasions, the “You Color My World” arrangement is perfect!

Do you have a discount for us?

Well, good news – if you click on any of the FTD or ProFlowers links I’ve included in this blog post, you should see a message at the top of your screen offering you 10% off sitewide! No code needed.

Now, I’m biased and hope you choose the “You Color My World” arrangement. But truly there are so many great options!

Speaking of the “You Color My World” arrangement

All About the “You Color My World” Flower Arrangement

Okay, enough of all that FAQ stuff. Let’s get to the good stuff: all about the flower arrangement I designed!

The “Here’s to Her” Limited Edition Collection

Embracing the idea of “better together”, FTD & ProFlowers tapped ten women leaders, influencers, and women-founded companies from across the country to collaborate on a special “Here’s to Her” collection for Mother’s Day.

With the assistance of FTD’s lead floral designer, each of these talented ladies crafted a unique, heartfelt arrangement for Mother’s Day made with farm-fresh flowers. I’m quite honored and excited to be a part of this special group of women!

Details of the “You Color My World” Flower Arrangement

First and foremost, the “You Color My World” bouquet is arranged in a rainbow of hues. This was of utmost importance to me. Something about a rainbow order of colors automatically makes me smile!

Believing in the power of color to spark joy, I created this bouquet specifically for times such as this. With these uncertain times in which we are living, I wanted to spread cheer with bold colors! Who among us couldn’t use a special dose of joy-inducing flowers this Mother’s Day? Whether you are sending this to your mother, your grandmother, your aunt, a mother-like figure, or just a friend, this bouquet is destined to put a smile on her face!

As for the flowers themselves, here are the details on that… Featuring the shades of the rainbow, this gradient bouquet comes with purple stock, purple carnations, hot pink gerbera daisies, orange roses, yellow lilies, yellow craspedia, and green hypericum berries. Each flower was hand-selected by yours truly!

You’ll undoubtedly make a statement when you send this eye-catching bouquet! It’s a modern marvel of fun florals. What are you waiting for? Don’t be a shrinking violet. 😉

Order the “You Color My World” bouquet now!

In Closing

One final note about this partnership: I typically do not take on unpaid/commission-only projects. But I made an exception in this came because I believe in the mission and I believe in the product.

So, even more so than ever, thank you so much for your shared excitement and support for me on this special project! Thank you for each and every purchase of the “You Color My World” flower arrangement.

Truly, it means the world to me and my little family to have your support right now.

More color, please!


Note: The beautiful artwork featured as a backdrop for these flowers is by the uber-talented artist Gina Julian.



  1. Erin Urquhart says:

    I promise not to be a shrinking violet! Will definitely order these for my MIL and my mom! Love your arrangement, Carrie!

    1. LOL – you’re the best! Order some for yourself too. Xo

  2. Jayme says:

    This is the most beautiful arrangement, wow!!

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