February 15, 2018

The Best Smoothies in Houston

The five best smoothie places in Houston.

Your Guide to the Best Smoothies in Houston

When it comes to quick, on-the-go meals, smoothies are our favorite! Whether it’s right after a yoga or pilates class or while at a meeting or just as a nutritious, easy lunch, smoothies are both good tasting and good for you! We as a team are constantly grabbing smoothies in between work and workouts.

And the great thing for us Houstonians is that there is no shortage of great smoothie places. In fact, it seems like new ones are opening up all the time.However, we have our trusty few spots where we go back to time and time again. And we’re excited to share those places with you.

Today we’re bringing you our next city guide for our hometown of Houston! So, keep on reading for the five best places to get smoothies in Houston.

1. Bebidas

2606 Edloe St, Houston, TX 77027

By now, you definitely know just how much we love Bebidas. In fact, most recently, you might remember seeing it as the background of our shoot here. Well, not only do they have healthy and delicious food, but their smoothies absolutely top our list. The menu might be small, but it certainly is mighty. Each smoothie is jam packed full of nutritious and healthy ingredients.

Carrie’s personal favorite is The Niño.

Pictured: La Playa, Mastermix, The Niño

2. Beet Box Blend Bar

1909 W Gray St B, Houston, TX 77019

Beet Box only uses whole, organic fruits and vegetables in all their smoothies (i.e. blends). These blends are not only filling, but full of the most fresh ingredients. Their menu is vast, so while you might be slightly overwhelmed (in a good way!), you’ll certainly be able to find something you love. Additionally, you can add on extras of your favorite ingredients if you’d like to.

Carrie’s favorites are the Green with Envy and the Pineapple Ginger Greeny

Pictured: Sweet beets, Green with Envy, Orange is the New Green

3. JuiceLand

1340 Westheimer Rd Ste D, Houston, TX 77006

Probably the most famous of smoothie places in Houston, JuiceLand has finally opened (three locations) here in Houston. Hailing from Austin, and with over 20 locations, this spot is home to the very best. Their mission is all about encouraging their community to eat and drink a plant based diet full of the best ingredients. Each of their smoothies is incredibly nourishing and filling.

Carrie loves the Julio Verde, although she omits the orange juice (just a personal preference).

Pictured: Julio Verde, Wild Child, Originator


4. Nekter Juice Bar

304 Gray St, Houston, TX 77002

With three locations in Houston and one in The Woodlands, Nekter has a very full menu, mostly of juices, but also a great assortment of seven scrumptious smoothies. You know you’re putting the best quality ingredients into your body when you’re in Nekter. They pride themselves on clean and healthy eating, and what they don’t sacrifice is taste!

Pictured: Pink flamingo, Tropical cooler, Mango delight

5. Nourish Juice and Smoothie Bar

1000 W Gray St, Houston, TX 77019

Nourish is an adorable little spot in the Montrose area. You might go in for a smoothie, but come out with juice for a cleanse of sorts and some snacks, too. The staff is all friendly and so helpful with your smoothie selection. As with all these places, all of the ingredients Nourish puts into their smoothies are of the best quality and oh so tasty!

In addition to the smoothies, Carrie thinks they make the best acai bowls in town!

Pictured: Nana’s Roses, Sweet Caroline, Lavender Dream

Your Favorites

Now, tell us! Where is your favorite place in Houston to get a smoothie? Did your favorite make our list? Let us know in the comments below and have a great day!


  1. Elisa says:

    I usually make my own smoothies, but Juice Well and Sustain Juice are my favorites.

    1. Yes, Juice Well is a new favorite of ours! We will have to update our guide to include that one.

      And we will have to try Sustain Juice!

      Thanks for chiming in.

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