July 30, 2018

You'll Love This Rainbow of Workout Apparel

Your workouts have never been so colorful.

Let’s Workout

Did you catch our interview with Kayla Itsines last week? We were so thrilled and honored to be able to discuss fitness, business, and life with the darling, down-to-earth, and downright enviable Kayla of BBG / Sweat with Kayla fame. On the heels of that, we are feeling extra motivated to workout! Summer may be winding down and “bathing suit season” may be over, but feeling our best is never out of season!

One surefire way to increase your odds of making it to the gym and feeling good while you’re there is a cute outfit. Am I right? A cute outfit helps with a lot in life. Truly, if you feel good in your workout apparel and if you’re excited to wear it, you’re more likely to want to workout.

Fun Colorful Workout Clothes

And if you know us at all, you know we like incorporating color into our wardrobes. And that holds true for workout wear!  You may think that options are limited when it comes to active wear. After all, most yoga pants you see are some variation of black or gray. But au contraire!

Below you’ll find what each of our team members loves to wear when working out, along with her favorite workouts. As well, you’ll then see 40 colorful workout pieces we’re all loving right now. So, keep on scrolling!

Our Team’s Favorite Workout Apparel and Workouts

Rather than just list out a bunch of workout wear brands that we like, we thought it’d be more fun to do it this way… We’ve included what team members love to do for their workout, as well as what they like to do while wearing it.


Without a doubt, my favorite workout clothes are from Outdoor Voices. I first discovered Outdoor Voices a few years ago when it was a fairly new brand. They were having a trunk show at By George on South Congress. I picked up a couple pieces then. Then last summer in Aspen, I went a little crazy at the pop up store there. Since then, I’ve been completely hooked! I love Outdoor Voices for several reasons, in additional to their innovative products. First, it’s Texas-based — Austin, to be exact! Second, it’s founded and led by a young female. Third, I love their mission! It’s so inclusive and approachable.

We believe in Doing Things — moving your body and having fun with friends.

That when you drop the expectations to perform, the magic happens.
That the joy of the game outlasts a win.
That friends who sweat together, stick together.

I’m also a fan of Tory Sport. The preppy, yet casual and colorful vibe is unique from other brands. You can shop it here or  here.

In terms of my favorite workout, that’s easy! Over the past couple months, I have become, dare I say, addicted to classes at Lagree HTX. These workouts are intense and effective, yet low impact. Though I had been working out lots since having my baby over a year ago, I was struggling with seeing the results I wanted. Lagree is working already! Plus, I enjoy it! It’s fun.

Team Picks

Alex: My favorite workout gear has got to be lululemon. It’s just such good quality and you look amazing when you’re working out. I also love good hYOUman because all their workout gear has motivational words on them. I use to really enjoy doing CrossFit because it always pushed me to my limits. I recently started doing kickboxing though and I really enjoy the high intensity cardio. I normally don’t enjoy cardio, but punching something always makes it fun, ha!

Amy: I love Alo Yoga because of their mission and fit. Their styles are unique and designed for an active, mindful lifestyle. I try and run outside twice a week in the mornings and then sprinkle in a yoga class, and if I am feeling really ambitious, a SoulCycle class as well. We also love going on hikes on the weekends.

Ashley: As someone who enjoys high intensity workouts like Les Mills Body Pump or HIIT classes as well as training for a half marathon, my workout wardrobe tends to be geared towards that. For running especially, momma needs good supportive sports bra and great leggings! This top, for example, is loose fitting and ideal for the hot summer months in Houston. These shorts are my favorite for doing classes and regular gym workouts. The fit is so flattering and it’s so comfy. This sports bra is easy to get on and supports my ladies while running! And I only run in leggings and these Gap ones are my favorite, behind a good pair from Target.

Jayme: I love SweatStyle – think Trunk Club for workout clothes! I always find out about brands I didn’t know existed – I’m obsessed. Shop DYI is my fave and it’s Houston local! I love shopping local. My fave workout is Orangetheory Fitness.

Jenny: Nordstrom because they carry all my favorite brands in one place: Alo and Zella plus other popular brands like Nike, Addidas and Beyond Yoga. My Nordstrom fitness finds serve both as workout attire at reformer pilates classes and as my business attire when I’m working from home and running my daughter around town.

Julie: I pretty much exclusively wear lululemon and Zella from Nordstrom. I know lululemon is expensive, and I honestly hate to be so “basic,” but their leggings and tank tops fit me the best and I feel good in them. I also love the Zella brand, and it is, indeed, more affordable. My sports bras are all Nike. I’ve never tried Outdoor Voices, but have heard incredible things about their pieces, too! My workouts consist of personal training, reformer pilates, and cardio on the elliptical and other machines at my gym.

Lindsey: I hate to seem so basic, but I love lululemon because it is good quality and lasts forever. I still have my first pair of leggings I bought when lulu first became a “thing.” I also like the brand JoyLab at Target …. much more affordable! I don’t work out, but used to do aerial yoga and it was perfect for that! I even wear it to the driving range while learning to golf – ha!

A Rainbow of Colorful Workout Apparel

Now do you wish to brighten up your workout outfits? Well, we have all you need in terms of colorful workout apparel!

Featured above: Red / Orange / Yellow / Green / Blue / Purple / Pink / White / Black

We want to hear from you!

Now we’d love to hear what your favorite workout apparel is and what you do to break a sweat! Please let us know in the comments below.

Have a great day!


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