August 16, 2018

Our Favorite Dogs and Favorite Walls in Houston

Celebrating our favorite dogs and walls!

Our Favorite Dogs in Front of Our Favorite Walls

You know we love colorful walls – as evidenced by our mural guides. And we are particularly enamored by our hometown’s colorful walls. In fact, our Houston mural guide has grown to almost 100 walls! You know what else we love? Our dogs! Almost all of our team has a sweet pooch as part of their family. So, with National Dog Day approaching (it’s Sunday, August 26th, in case you’re curious), we were motivated to combine those to loves! Inspired by an Instagram account we love – @woofandwalls – we set out to photograph our favorite dogs and our favorite walls!

Yes, National Dog Day is one of those sometimes silly hashtag holidays that someone made up. But this is one we can fully support! So, today we thought it would be fun to introduce you to our team pooches! You know all of us so why shouldn’t you know our fur babies?

Indeed, this post is nothing more than a lighthearted piece for you to enjoy because who doesn’t love puppy pictures? We know we do!

Also, speaking of @woofandwalls, we are taking over their Instagram account today. So be sure to give them a follow. It’s an account that’s exactly what the name would imply – a page filled with dogs in front of colorful walls! What’s not to love?

Below you’ll meet most of our team members’ pups, so keep on scrolling.

For details on this wall, reference wall #91 in our Houston Mural Guide

Denali, Jayme’s Dog

Age: 15 years old

Breed: Chihuahua (he was supposed to be a teacup Chihuahua, but he’s over 20 lbs, so clearly that paperwork was forged!)

Favorite memory: 15 years has given me so many memories with my sweet pup. The funniest one was probably one time when we were on a plane. I leave his carrier a little unzipped because he likes to rest his snout outside the bag and I guess I passed out. All of a sudden everyone on the plane is laughing and screaming (an odd mix on a plane, for sure) and he had escaped and was running through the middle of the seats, totally surprising everyone. Then the flight attendant started walking down the aisle holding him, asking who he belonged to. I was almost too embarrassed to admit he was mine!

Funniest thing he does: He completely has to wrap himself in a blanket, but the funniest part is that if you do it for him or try to help him, he completely uncovers himself, gives you side-eye and then does it again, all on his own.

Favorite toy: Anything he isn’t supposed to have.

Favorite thing to eat: Chick-fil-A. We both have a problem with it, so Sunday’s are tough in our house.

For details on this wall, reference wall #1 in our Houston Mural Guide

Emma, Maritere’s Dog

Age: 18 months

Breed: German Shepherd

Favorite memory: Probably catching a glimpse of her cuddling for movie time with my little ones.

Funniest thing she does: She sniffs you up and down when you come back home.

Favorite toy: Tennis balls and a tug of war blue toy she has. The boys small plush toys, too. She rotates them.

Favorite food: She loves chicken. You have to be careful when there’s chicken around or it might disappear.

For details on this wall, reference wall #93 in our Houston Mural Guide

Murphy, Jenny’s Dog

Age: 2 years old

Breed: Shih Tzu

Favorite memory: Walking around the Heights with her and my daughter

Funniest thing she does: She hugs (like for real) – it’s the sweetest/most oddly humanlike thing she does.

Favorite toy: Flamingo squeak toy

Favorite food: My daughter’s Goldfish crackers 😉

For details on this wall, reference wall #50 in our Houston Mural Guide

Pablo, Carrie’s Dog

Age: 12 years old; side note: actually, Pablo is my sister Kelli’s dog – we have come to share custody over the years because he’s just so lovable!

Breed: Chihuahua

Favorite memory: He acts like he is indifferent to Elle, but then always stays pretty close to protect her.

Funniest thing he does: He’s like a little grumpy old man! He has quite the knack for burying himself under blankets! He is quite a good cuddler and an expert napper. If you want to sleep in or take a nap, Pablo’s your guy!

Favorite toy: Eh, toys take way too much effort at his age. He’d much rather nap.

Favorite food: Whatever Elle drops on the floor at mealtime.

For details on this wall, reference wall #16 in our Houston Mural Guide

Riley, Alex’s Dog

Age: Almost 3 years old

Breed: She’s a mutt, but a very cute mutt – she has some shepherd and hound in her.

Favorite memory: When we picked her up as a puppy from the rescue.

Funniest thing she does: She loves to put her face in your crotch so we always call her “goose girl.”

Favorite toy: Her pickle, which is a green toy that resembles a pickle which treats can be added into.

Favorite food: Soft & chewy milk bones

In Closing

In closing, we dedicate this post to our beloved golden retriever Spy, who we sadly said good bye to a few weeks ago. Spy was just shy of his 15th birthday. He was the most awesome dog a family could ever hope for. He was a loyal companion and a sweet soul. He was loved by many and now missed by many.

Now, we want to hear about your furry friends. Share in the comments below!

And don’t forget – for details on each of these walls, visit our Houston mural guide.

Have a great day!


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