March 26, 2018

37 Ideas for Your Baby's First Easter Basket

Plush animals, hair bows, books, and more!

For those of you who celebrate Christian holidays, can you believe it’s Easter week already? In addition, I know Passover begins later this week for our Jewish friends. Spring is upon us for sure! Now that I have a baby, holidays are even more magical and meaningful.

I find myself putting more thought into the holidays — how we celebrate them, what traditions I’d like to start, and what memories I’d like to create. So, today, I’d like to share with you a glimpse at Elle’s first Easter basket. Plus, I’d like to hear your thoughts on creating holiday memories with children.

Easter Basket

Maybe it’s the fact she taught kindergarten for over thirty years, but my mom always seems to know just what to do for kids for holidays. She pulls together the best gifts and such for holidays. Heck – as an adult, I still get holiday care packages from her! Elle is lucky to have her Yaya.

Now that I’m a mom, it’s time I put some thoughts and intentionality into holidays. So of course, I consulted Elle’s Yaya about what I should put in her first Easter basket. What you see here is a combination of my ideas as well as Yaya’s ideas.

Granted, at 9 months old, Elle can only understand and enjoy her Easter basket to a limited extent this time. Admittedly, some of this is just for the pure joy of pulling it together. Some of the items are just little things that she needed. And some of the items are more for mom than baby! Hello, candy!

Below, you can click on the flat lay photo and be linked to exactly what I included in Elle’s basket. You’ll also find the links below the image.

Beyond that, here is a list of 37 ideas for a baby’s first Easter basket. These are just intended to get your creative juices flowing as you create something special for your special little one!

1. Age appropriate snacks

2. Ball

3. Bath crayons

4. Bath toys

5. Bibs

6. Bloomers

7. Books

8. Bubbles

9. Building blocks

10. Candy

11. Doll

12. Easter bonnet

13. First toothbrush

14. Hair bows

15. Hairbrush

16. Hooded bath towel

17. Kids storybook Bible

18. Lovey / security blanket

19. Pacifier / pacifier clips

20. Pajamas

21. Play-Doh

22. Rain boots

23. Rattles

24. Shoes

25. Sidewalk chalk

26. Simple puzzles

27. Sippy cups / dishes

28. Socks

29. Soft plush animals

30. Spring clothes

31. Stickers

32. Sunglasses

33. Swaddle blankets

34. Swimsuit

35. Teething toys

36. Toiletries

37. Toy eggs

Being Intentional with Holidays

In the end, it’s of course not about the “stuff”. It’s about the meaning of the various holidays and the memories made as a family.

I want to be present and engaged with Elle. I want to be thoughtful and intentional with our celebrations. Most of all, I want to focus on what matters.

Many of you are so much more seasoned and experienced as parents than I. So, I would value your perspective on this. Do you have any tips for being intentional with how you celebrate holidays with your kids? Do you have any creative ideas or special Easter traditions? I’d love to hear them.

Thanks so much for reading along. And thanks even more for sharing your thoughts! Have a great day.

Again, you can shop all of Elle’s Easter basket goodies (along with similar items) in the below photo. Simply click the item you’re interested in. As well, you can shop via the widget and links below. Enjoy!

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