June 12, 2017

Go Behind The Scenes For A Day Of Blog Content Creation

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Behind The Scenes of Creating Blog Content

Have you ever wondered what goes into creating blog content? Sure – it looks easy. After all, if we are doing our job right, it is supposed to look effortless to some extent. You see the photos of the pretty outfits and the delicious food. But trust me – it’s not always glamorous, particularly right now at nine months pregnant.

For instance, while you see one or two pretty photos of an outfit on Instagram or here on the site, there has been a lot of behind the scenes effort to make those happen. You see, a lot of thought and planning goes into creating that content. As an example, here are five things we have to consider in advance of our photoshoots…

5 Considerations on Blog Photoshoot Days

1. What are our objectives for the day?

Are we shooting all outfits / fashion content? Or are we photographing content for a Houston city guide? Or are we focusing on product photos? Rather, perhaps the day is a mixture of all of these.

2. What location coordinates best with the outfit?

For fashion shoots, we like to think through carefully what location works best. We look not only for a color match, but also a match in general mood, vibe, and message we want to communicate.

3. When is the light good at that location?

As you probably know, we love using colorful walls and murals as our backdrops. In fact, we have curated a guide to almost 70 of Houston’s best colorful walls.

Now, these walls are located all over Houston and face every direction imaginable. So, we have to consider lighting and what time of day is best for shooting.

Harsh sunlight is not conducive to good photos. Indeed, direct sunlight tends to cast harsh shadows on the subject. So, often times, we have to shoot early in the morning or later in the evening during the “golden hour.”

4. What other obstacles or impediments do we need to keep in mind?

Is the photoshoot location on a busy street? Might there be traffic or parked cars interfering with our shoot? Are there safety considerations to keep in mind?

5. What can we do to be most efficient?

Of course, we are all busy these days, right? But we have some extenuating circumstances on our team these days.

As you know, I’m nine months pregnant, so my energy and stamina are waning.

Plus, photographer Maritere lives 20+ miles away from me and she has four young sons to care for.

So, needless to say, we need to be smart with our time!

We do that by planning in advance, communicating openly, and utilizing any tools that can help be more efficient.

Utilizing Uber to Maximize Our Productivity

One tool that we often use to travel around our big city of Houston is Uber. Undoubtedly, Houston is a big city that is very spread out geographically. And often times, we are journeying back and forth across the big city several times during the day.

Utilizing Uber takes one thing off my plate. I don’t have to worry about navigating traffic. Rather, I can focus on the tasks at hand while I’m driven around town in a safe and friendly way.

Plus, did you know that Uber has an awesome feature for sharing your Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and trip status with others? With just a simple swipe up on the Uber app screen, you can share your status with someone. That someone will receive a simple text that you’d like to share your trip details.

It really is a great feature! So simple to use, yet so helpful. Indeed, Photographer Maritere and I utilize this feature often to coordinate plans as we meet up around Houston!

Follow Us For A Day In The Life

When I first started working for myself full time, I tried to keep the same schedule everyday – get photo-ready in the morning, photograph one look in the morning, and then get on with the rest of my day (computer work, meetings, networking, working out, etc.). However, I quickly found that to be inefficient.

Therefore, a while back, I adopted a “block schedule.” That is, I try to set aside two days a week for photographing content, two days a week for computer work (writing content, responding to emails, keeping up with bookkeeping, etc.). And then the fifth day of the week can go either way, depending on what is on our plate for that week.

So, here’s a glimpse at a recent photoshoot day. And as a bonus along the way, we’ll share some of our favorite Houston hotspots this summer!

8:00 am

-Stop by Full Blown Dry Bar for a blowout

-Fortunately, my nails were already done, but sometimes I also stop by Nailtique for a quick polish change

-For more info, see our guide to Houston’s best nail salons

9:00 am

-Swing by Bebidas for a smoothie. I’m currently addicted to the El Niño.

-Side note: during my pregnancy, coffee has not appealed to me much. But if coffee is more your jam in the morning, check out our Houston Coffee Guide.

9:30 am

-Arrange to meet Mari at our first photoshoot location of the day.

-Note that this wall (wall 64 in our Houston Mural Guide) is on the side of a storefront. So we know that once the store opens, the chance of cars parking and blocking the wall is very high. So, we make an effort to get there before the store’s 10 am opening.

-Here, we shoot a Kate Spade dress that’s part of a Nordstrom collaboration.

10:30 am

-Travel on to the next photoshoot location

-Though we are getting close to midday harsh light, we happen to know that this wall (wall 1 in our Houston Mural Guide) faces just the right direction to have decent light most any time of day. Thank goodness because we have a full day!

-Here, we photograph a dress I adore from Ingrid & Isabel maternity line.

11:30 am

-It’s time for a break! The combination of Houston’s summer heat + my currently very pregnant status have me yearning to sit down for a bit.

-So, we stop by our new favorite lunch spot – Relish.

-Plus, we are thinking of putting together a guide to our favorite Houston lunch spots this summer. So, we collect some images while we are there.

-We enjoy our lunch, while considering it a working lunch, and then we are onto the next stop…

1 pm

-We journey northward to another wall for one last set of outfit photos.

-For this stop, we focus on a bargain of a dress — an everyday summer essential racerback tank dress.

2 pm

-After all that, we drive back towards my house, making an all-important stop at Macaron by Patisse. Well deserved treats, don’t you think?

-To see more of our favorite Houston sweet spots, check out the Houston dessert guide.

3 pm

-Once back at the house, we move on to shooting a cocktail recipe, plus some flatlay photos.

-Stay tuned to see more of all of this content here very soon!

By the way, in case you are interested, I included a few of the key pieces from these outfits below. But we will be sharing full features on all three of these looks soon. 

In Closing

We hope you enjoyed this little look behind the scenes of a day in our life of creating blog content. It’s certainly busy, but as you can see, we leave room for fun, too! We have lots of great content coming up this week for you, so as always, keep on checking back. Have a great rest of your Monday!


Photos by Maritere Rice

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