Welcome to 2015! And welcome to Wear + Where + Well. I am so appreciative for you visiting the site.

Before we jump into new content for the new year tomorrow, I wanted to pause for a moment to solicit your feedback… Now that we are entering our first full year here, I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts on what you’d like to see here! I obviously have my ideas for the site, but I’d like to discover how my ideas mesh with what you want to see. I’d also love to learn more about you! Tell me whatever you would like to share about yourself. Where do you live? How old are you? A general age range is fine here. 😉

Please leave your thoughts below in the comment section.

Some topics to consider…

1. Why do you visit Wear + Where + Well?

2. What type of Wear + Where + Well posts are your favorite?

3. What would you like to see more of?

4. How can I improve?

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts. Your feedback is invaluable to me!

I’ll be back tomorrow talking about one of my favorite designers. Happy New Year! The best is yet to come.



  1. Sheri says:

    HI Carrie,
    Your blog is eye candy to me, so I don’t expect you to make it entirely “accessible” if you know what I mean 🙂

    It is really a bit aspirational for me. I work in a corporate environment but have 2 children and live in a colder climate. Having said that, it would be great to see some suggestions that are a bit more mid-range from a price perspective.

    I’d also love to see photos of your lovely home.

    Thanks for asking,


    1. Carrie says:

      Fabulous, Sheri. Thanks so much for sharing.

      I actually work in a corporate environment too… I haven’t shared much of my day to day looks (as they aren’t as fun – ha!), but I’ll try to do so. I certainly am more mid-range for office wear.

      Thanks again. All the best to you this year!

  2. AshleyM says:

    I initially found you through Ali Edwards and I am so glad I did. I am in the Air Force and wear a uniform every day, so it is so fun to see what amazing and inspirational outfits you come up with! And, I like to see how I could take the concept of your design and make it work for me.

    I love when (in the Style Scenarios) you mix beautiful clothing + travel and tell us the story of why you wore what you did and about the location/event you wore it. It is so fun to see travel from a completely different perspective.

    I would love to see a few more “city guides” type things and also, you posted a series of pictures about a spa getaway you took (on Instagram) and I’d love to hear more about that. Also, I think it would be fun to see a closet tour if you are up for it!

    Overall, great blog with beautiful photographs! Hope you have a wonderful year!

    1. Carrie says:

      Great feedback, Ashley! Thank you so much for your thorough reply. The good news is that your ideas mesh very well with what I have in mind… The Style Scenario posts are some of my favorite to write, as they do combine both of my loves (fashion + travel). Also, I want to do more city guides, hotel reviews, and such. And yes, a recap of my recent spa getaway is on the list this month! Thank you again so very much.

    2. Carrie says:

      Ashley – Forgive me for failing to say this already, but thank you for your service in the Air Force! We civilians owe you all so much. Much appreciated.

  3. Amber D says:

    I visit WWW because I’ve always thought you had excellent taste since I started following you in scrapbook magazines. You live in a world so different from mine.

    I love the travel posts the most. I find the insights into unique places so interesting. The dessert posts were great too! {Macarons and brownies :-)}

    I’d love to learn more about how you got into horse-racing and fashion to the point you’re at now. So fascinating! Also maybe more posts on fun places to travel. I also bet that your home design is amazing.

    You’re doing a great job! So much fun to read about other people’s travels and way of life.

    1. Sheri says:

      Hi again,
      I forgot to mention that I’m in my mid-40s and live in Western Canada. And as a previous poster mentioned, I enjoyed following your scrapbook layouts 🙂

    2. Carrie says:

      Awesome. Thanks, Sheri! It’s so good to reconnect with former scrapbooking acquaintances.

      Also, I have not yet been to Canada! Need to rectify that soon…

    1. Carrie says:

      Thanks so much! Same to you, A.

  4. Treise says:

    Carrie, congratulations on such an awesome and awe-inspiring blog.
    We visit because we know Carrie will deliver beautifully composed posts that will brighten up our day. You see the beauty in life and I can’t wait to share in your journey this year.

    1. Carrie says:

      Treise – I appreciate what you said at the end. That is very helpful feedback! Thank you for your support. 🙂

  5. Lisa Cole says:

    I absolutely adore your joie de vivre – and feel like I’m living vicariously through your adventures and elegance! It’s a fun escape to see what you’re up to next, what you’re wearing, where you’re headed, and how you enjoy life. I would love to see budget-friendly options for the styles and trends that you showcase so well. While I would almost never be able to purchase the designer items you highlight, I would love to channel a bit of your taste and style to add to my work wardrobe. I like to push the envelope with color and print, as you do, which is why your taste speaks so clearly to me. I love following your travels and adventures, keep the photos and fantastic blog posts coming! Cheers!

    1. Carrie says:

      Lisa – awesome feedback, girl! I plan to include more budget friendly ways to get the same look this year. Thank you so much!

  6. Melissa Raphael says:

    I discovered WWW while on IG. And as previous posters stated, I remember you from back in you scrap booking days. I read WWW simply because it is so fun to look at such beautiful clothes and places. I live in Florida, teach preschool and have 2 kids. I do not have the means to acquire such beautiful clothes and shoes, but it’s fun to dream. I’d love to see more of the everyday dress along with the outfits you have selected for you special occasions. Also, I enjoy home decorating ideas if that should fall under the umbrella of WWW. Thank you so much!

    1. Carrie says:

      Melissa – thanks so much for the feedback! It’s great to reconnect with former scrapbook buddies.

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