Strawberry Bars
Red Pepper Tapenade, Hummus, Crab avocado dip
Cucumber Bruschetta
You should have seen our team devouring (literally) the Wholey Cheese! Crackers at the shoot. 


Healthy Ideas and Tips for Your Next Pool Party

Written by Julie Weinstein

As you saw in yesterday’s post, we had quite the pool party photo shoot last week! It was full of colorful floats, pom pom details, lots of sun, and delicious snacks. We were so thrilled to partner with Marla Murphy of The Blonde Pantry, as she created healthy treats (and the most delicious margarita…recipe coming tomorrow!) that were the perfect additions to an afternoon spent by the pool. Below, Marla dishes on her top healthy and easy time-saving prepping tips for your next pool party. Enjoy!

  1. Get your list and grocery shop for your event ahead of time. Make your list full of healthy ingredients and stick to it! Try to avoid walking down aisles filled with unhealthy items that you don’t need; this will save you both time and money! 
  2. Prep all of the vegetables and make the dips the night before. These two items are easy to throw together while you are mindlessly watching your favorite tv show, so go ahead and get those two jobs out of the way! 
  3. Charcuterie boards and spreads take very little time to throw together and can really wow your guests! The other great thing about charcuterie boards is you can fill them with healthy stuff; some of my favorite go-tos are fruit, dried nuts, seeds, vegetables, olives, little crackers and pre-made dips, like hummus. These are also easy to prep and make the night before and bring out of the fridge as guests arrive.
  4. Stick your guy on grill duty! The main course is the star of the show, and really where you can make the most impact. Marinate the proteins the night before or make skewers with chicken, pineapple, bell peppers and onions, and marinate them over night. Get a friend or your guy to cook them on the grill while you are prepping all of the sides and appetizers. Not only does this save you time, but nothing is as bikini body friendly as grilled protein and vegetables! 
  5. Instead of slaving away on a decadent dessert, stick to something simple and light. One of my favorite barbecue go-to’s is pineapple circles lightly dipped in brown sugar and place right on the grill. Not only is this super easy to make and takes very little time, but it is a crowd pleaser. I also love topping the pineapple with coconut whipped cream that you can find at Whole Foods. It takes this healthy dessert to the next level, but is still a gluten-free and guilt free option! 

*Head to The Blonde Pantry for more information on the delicious foods you see above.

Additional pool party credits : Las Bayadas beach blanket / Rainbow float from Emerson Sloan / Nannacay hat and mini bag / Packed Party disco drink tumblers

In Closing

Delicious, right? A personal favorite has to be the strawberry bars – so so good. Huge thanks to Marla! And check back this afternoon for a colorful fashion roundup. Have a great day!

Photos by Maritere Rice; shot on location at a beautiful On Point Custom Homes property

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