Here is the Secret to How I Keep My Purse Organized

Anyone else ever feel like their bag resembles a bottomless pit? Something Mary Poppins might carry? Women tend to carry around their world in their purses. Or maybe that’s just me? It’s for good reason, though. When I’m out and about running around from meeting to appointment to photo shoot and back again, I might not stop back at home for hours at a time, so I want to make sure I have anything I could possibly need on hand. And now, with my sweet baby on board, I’m carrying around even more (I’ll be sharing how I organize my diaper bag in another post soon).

The Secret

About 10 years ago, a friend of mine suggested I start using pouches within my purse. And so I tried it. And I’ve been doing so ever since.

The best way to keep your purse organized is, simply, to have multiple pouches within the bag (one for snacks, one for pens, one for makeup, and so on). This not only keeps things organized, but it also makes it easy when you’re swapping out bags. Rather than digging through your bag, making sure you have everything to put into another bag, you just move the pouches. Of course, you might not necessarily carry around each pouch every single day, but to have them ready to go at all times makes for a much simpler “getting out the door” process.


how i keep my purse organized


What’s In My Bag

And now for a little look into my everyday tote, starting with my beloved pouches.

  • Mark & Graham suede boho zip pouches : As you see, I have three of these, each in a different color. I love the soft suede material, and I adore the monograms on each. In the magenta one, I typically keep my makeup, such as one of my favorite lipsticks, NARS “Jungle Red” and hair ties. In the seafoam one, I keep my pens, pencils, notepad, and passport in my Mark & Graham leather passport case. And in the blue one I keep snacks and water.
  • Glitter pouches : What’s not to love about these confetti filled pouches? You can’t help but smile looking at them. In one of them I keep my phone, headphones, and extra charger, and in the other, a few different pairs of sunglasses and any other accessories I might have on hand.
  • Of course, I always have my laptop on me, along with my keys on my Mark & Graham leather pom pom keychain, and wallet.

how i keep my purse organized


The Pouches

So, while I might carry an abundance of items in my purse, it’s all nice and organized in these pouches, which makes my life a whole lot easier. As well, the Mark & Graham pouches make a really great gift (as does the passport holder and the keychain). Whether for a recent college graduate, birthday gift for a friend, or a little something for your mom, any woman is sure to love these. And personalization always adds a nice touch.

One More Thing

Now, I’d absolutely love to hear how you organize your purse. Please let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much, as always, for reading, and be sure to check back tomorrow morning for a delicious, healthy, refreshing summer recipe!


Photos by Maritere Rice

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