August 23, 2018

How to Create a Floral Chandelier

More flowers, please!

How to Create a Floral Chandelier

For a while now, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of decorating chandeliers for parties. In fact, for over a year, I was consumed with the idea of making a balloon chandelier. After we successfully executed the balloon chandelier idea for Elle’s birthday party, I then moved on to the notion of a floral chandelier.

I first saw the floral chandelier idea executed beautifully by my friends at Sugar & Cloth for this tropical garden party that I attended. Since then, I’ve wanted to incorporate a floral chandelier into one of my parties – and learn how to do it myself! Well, recently I hosted an end-of-summer dinner party for the theme at my house. And we thought this the perfect opportunity to try our hand at a DIY floral chandelier!

So, we enlisted the help of our friend Holly of Flower Vibes for this project. And she did not disappoint! She brought all our visions of a floral chandelier to life in an easy to replicate by yourself at home manner.

Afterwards, Holly generously agreed to share the detailed steps and supplies for this project. I promise – she made this so easy that even I feel confident I could tackle it again on my own. And it’s such a cool trick for pulling the eye upward at your next party. Keep reading for details…

8 Easy Steps to Create a Floral Chandelier

Floral Chandelier


1. Start by removing the heads of the blooms. You will want several different sizes to work with.

2. Cut your floral wire into different lengths from about 5”-10”.

3. Insert the wire directly into the head of the bloom to act as the flower’s new stem.

4. It’s fun to cluster the smaller blooms in little groups of 3 by twisting their wires together.

5. Once all your flowers are wired and ready, you can weave your greenery through the chandelier to create an organic feeling.

6. Then comes the fun part of attaching the wired blooms onto the chandelier by wrapping the wire around the chandelier arms and twisting to secure.

7. It’s always helpful to have someone standing back and telling you where to place them so you don’t have to go up and down the step stool!

8. You can do as many blooms or as few as you like. The wire makes it easy to bend them to face whichever direction you wish.

This could easily be replicated with mini pumpkins for Fall, ornaments for Christmas, or even silk blooms for the spring!

+ print project

Items Needed

  • Several bunches of flowers with varying sized blooms
  • Bundle of a vine type greenery (or ivy cut from your garden would work nicely) - I used a garland of Hops (like they make beer out of!)
  • Colored floral wire (recently purchased at the Dollar Tree)

A few more things

A huge thank you to Holly of Flower Vibes for bringing our vision to life and for sharing the steps with all of you!

We hope you get to create something like this for the next party in your own home. If so, be sure to let us know!

And check back Monday for the full reveal of this gorgeous dinner party.

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