Did You Know There are 3 Ways to Shop Carrie’s Instagrams?

Written by Julie Weinstein

Hey guys! We realized we haven’t yet done a post on how exactly to shop Carrie’s Instagram posts. You have likely read about Liketoknow.it on other blogs, but we wanted to give you the 411 here on Wear + Where + Well. Because there’s more to it now; there’s a Liketoknow.it app, which has truly changed the online shopping game.

To give you a brief history, Liketoknow.it launched at the beginning of 2014. It is the brainchild of Amber Venz Box and Baxter Box’s rewardStyle, the widely successful end-to-end content monetization platform. Liketoknow.it, quite simply, allows you to shop the Instagram posts of the influencers you follow. They have made it so easy to find out exactly what your favorite influencers are wearing and then you’re able to purchase those items (or similar ones) directly from an email. It’s brilliant, and we love it.

There are basically three ways to shop Carrie’s Instagrams. Here’s a run down of all three:

1. Liketoknow.it App

The Liketoknow.it app just launched last week, and it’s one you’ll want to download immediately. It’s also free, and it allows you to shop Liketoknow.it enabled photos easily.

  • Go to the app store and download the Liketoknow.it app.
  • Sign up with an email address and password. If you’ve already registered for Liketoknow.it, per the below instructions, you will use that same email and password.
  • Click on ‘Match my screenshots,’ and allow Liketoknow.it to access your photos
  • Now, screenshot a photo in Instagram (including Insta stories), Facebook, Pinterest, or Snapchat that has the Liketoknow.it logo in the corner or any Liketoknow.it photo (explanation in the below section). The logo lets you know it’s ready to be taken a screenshot of and shopped, but any Liketoknow.it photo will work, too.
  • Once you take the screenshot, within a few seconds, you’ll receive a notification (if you choose to receive push notifications from the app) saying that your screenshot is ready to shop.
    • If you don’t allow notifications, then you’ll still be able to shop it by going into the app, as all will be saved in it for you.

2. Liketoknow.it via Instagram

  • Go to Liketoknow.it and sign up (in the top right corner) – it’s quick and free.
  • Once you’re registered, you are now able to use Liketoknow.it easily just by liking any Liketoknow.it enabled photo on Instagram.
    • To know if a photo is Liketoknow.it enabled, you will see a link that looks something like http://liketk.it/2qH15 in the comments, along with the hashtag #liketkit.
  • Once you like the photo, you will receive an email directly to your inbox with product images for each item available in the picture you liked (each product image will take you directly to the product on the retailer’s website).
    • If the exact item isn’t available for whatever reason, typically a similar item will be linked so you can shop that one.
    • You are able to specify how often you want to receive Liketoknow.it emails (daily, weekly, after each photo you like, etc).
    • If you prefer, you can shop Liketoknow.it directly from their website when you are logged in, as well.


3. Wear + Where + Well Shop Tab

If you haven’t yet noticed, our navigation bar up top has a ‘shop’ tab, and on this page you’ll be able to shop Carrie’s favorite retailers, her top 100 picks, and most importantly, her Instagram posts via an easy to use widget.

  • Under ‘shop the feed’ you’ll be able to directly click the 6 most recent Instagram posts. Once clicked, it’ll take you to a page with all the product details for that particular look.
  • If you click the little envelope icon under the feed, it’ll take you directly to Carrie’s feed on the Liketoknow.it website, and you can shop that way, as well.

And, there you have it! Amazing technology, right? As you can see, there are a few great (and easy) options when it comes to shopping Carrie’s outfits (along with, of course, directly through blog posts, where we always link everything Carrie is wearing and similar items, too). In being totally transparent, as we always like to be with you, Wear + Where + Well does receive a small commission based on the products you purchase via our site and Carrie’s Instagram. We do thank you so much for supporting the brands that help keep WWW up and running!

In Closing

Do you have any questions? If anything is confusing or you want to know more, please ask us in the comments below. We’ll be sure to get back to you. Hope this was helpful and have a great rest of your day!

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