How to Style a Sequin Skirt : 4 Ways + A Giveaway

Written by Julie Weinstein

Happy Friday! It’s been a fun week here on Wear + Where + Well. Did you catch yesterday afternoon’s post on the incredible new art installation at Discovery Green? It’s so colorfully amazing. And we hope you’ve been enjoying our “4 ways to style a sequin skirt” series! Today we’re rounding up the looks, giving a few more pointers, and you have a chance to win a J.Crew gift card!

The Looks

Look 1 : with a graphic tee and fun pops of pink / see the full look here


Look 2 : with camo and neutrals / see the full look here


Look 3 : with chambray and red, white, and blue / see the full look here


Look 4 : with stripes and pumps / see the full look here


Tips on How to Wear a Sequin Skirt

As you can tell from each of Carrie’s look, many things can go with a sequin skirt (even things you don’t think initially would work together). And I bet you have several of these items already in your closet.

To help guide you as you style up your sequin skirt this season, below are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Keep your jewelry to a minimum 

Because a sequin skirt is a “louder” piece and it sparkles and shines all on its own, you really don’t need to go overboard with your jewelry. Simple pieces like thin gold bracelets and necklaces or one statement piece, such as earrings, work great. There’s no need to overdo it with the jewels because you want your skirt to do most of the talking.

2. Don’t shy away from color

While sequins are rather bold, it doesn’t mean you should steer clear of color. In fact, as evidenced above, color works beautifully with sequins. Find complementing tones, whether it’s in the form of a graphic tee or a sweater. Neutrals, of course, work, but colors are even more fun.

3. Steer clear of sequins on top

Again, because a sequin skirt is a bold piece, think about what you’re going to wear on top. We’re not into rules when it comes to fashion, but one thing we do think you should stay away from, in this instance, is a sequin top. Because a sequin top with a sequin skirt is just, well, a lot of sequins. Too many sequins. 

4. Think in terms of juxtaposition

As I mentioned the other day, the juxtaposition of glitzy sequins with utilitarian camo is such a great look. In general, we’re big fans of contrasts in fashion. And, again, it might not be something you initially think of when you’re getting ready, but when you put it on, you’ll be pleasantly surprised just how great it all comes together.

5. Have fun with it

Sequins are, by far, one of the most fun things you can wear. It’s not a stuffy look nor should it be taken too seriously. Have fun with your outfit and don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.

Which is your favorite?

We want to hear from you! Which is your favorite look? Weigh in via the poll below. We’d love to know.

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Win a J.Crew Gift Card

Now you have a chance to win a $150 gift card to J.Crew to buy your own sequin skirt (or anything else of your choosing)! All you have to do to enter to win is make sure you’re following along on Instagram (@carriec), leave a comment below with your Instagram handle, and make sure you’ve voted for your favorite look above. Good luck!

Update : The giveaway is now closed, and we have a winner. Congratulations Shirley! We will be contacting you shortly. Thank you all for entering. 

One More Thing

We hope you’ve enjoyed this series! Let us know what else you’d love to see styled multiple ways. Have a great day and check back this afternoon for a really fun (and delicious) post!

Photos by Traci Ling


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    I loved this series! It makes me feel like I could pull off sequins more often than during the holidays.

    What about styling a faux fur vest? I bought one a few years ago and almost only ever wear it with an all black outfit.

    IG: carlycolbear

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