Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Written by Hannah Lyons

First and foremost, happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! Indeed, I’m a San Antonio native and have a crazy adoration for Mexican culture. Considering both facts, you better believe I’ll be celebrating the day with a margarita in hand, specifically indulging myself with this recipe. Additionally, I’ll probably be in the kitchen making this sweet Cinco de Mayo dessert! Nevertheless, while today is a celebration of Mexico’s victory, we’re switching it up and celebrating the one’s we love most, our mothers. And today we’re inspired by next weekend’s celebration of Mother’s Day!

My Personal Story: Mom + Me

To start with, my mom and I are extremely close. No doubt, I would fail at life without her guidance, and like most daughters, I consider her my best friend. Yet, our story is different than most. When I was 3 months old I was adopted from South Korea and was flown across the world to a family of three – Dad, Mom, and Sean (my brother). Because I was adopted, our mother-daughter relationship is different. While she didn’t give birth to me, she did deliver me from her heart. And while we don’t look alike, we do share many traits. I have my mother’s sincerity, stubbornness, and sensitivity. When you know me, you know my mother.

Many people ask me, “do you know your real mom?” To their astonishment, I answer with, “yes, I talk to her every day in fact. We are very close.” Why do I answer the way I do? In my eyes, my adopted mom, is, in fact, my real mom. She’s the one who raised me, who I talk to every day. Furthermore, she is the one who inspired me to be the creative and goal aspiring woman that I am today. She’s my backbone and she’s the one I celebrate on Mother’s Day, and I for one, would never, ever change that.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

And now, shop our Mother’s Day gift guide! Inspired by what our mother’s love most, we’ve collected 17 perfect gifts for Mom! Be sure to keep scrolling down to check out which four are my personal favorites!

My Four Personal Favorites:

  • Innogear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser
    • Sleep would be an issue for me if I didn’t have my oil diffuser. Ironically, it was my mom that introduced me to this amazing invention. It’s a perfect gift for the stressed mom. No doubt, the diffuser makes any room smell like a spa.
  • ‘Maison Jardin’ Votive Candle Set
    • I don’t care what anyone says, everyone loves a great smelling candle as a gift. Or maybe I’m biased? My mom and I are total candle hoarders. Anyway, Voluspa candles smell fantastic and this set of five is less than $50!
  • ‘Charge 2’ Fitbit
    • Considering most moms are always on the go, a Fitbit is a perfect go-to gift! Like the diffuser, my mom bought me my Fitbit. Consequently, we’re always having ‘step’ competitions, and things most definitely get heated up! Truly, Fitbits are all the rage and I think every mom could appreciate this gift!
  • Gold Engraved Date Bar Necklace
    • One of my favorite gifts I ever bought my mom was a personalized necklace I got from Etsy. It was a simple, gold necklace with two small heart pendants, symbolizing my brother and myself. Indeed, jewelry is typical when gifting mom something, but when it’s personalized, it holds a lot more meaning.

Product Details:

1 – Mean Girls Card for Mom | 2 – Kate Spade NY ‘All In Good Taste – Order’s Up’ Tea Kettle | 3 – InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Ultrasonic | 4 – ‘I Love Mom’ Pearl Pendant Necklace | 5 – Olivia Burton Begin to Blush Leather Strap Watch, 38mm | 6 – Tory Burch ‘Robinson’ Leather Wallet on Chain | 7 – Rosé All Day Book | 8 – Mom Juice Wine Glass | 9 – Davines | Award-Winning Love Smoothing Shampoo | 10 – Bando The Getaway Vacation Duffle Bag | 11 – Date Bar Necklace | 12 – ‘Best Mom Ever’ Desk Sign | 13 – Crabtree & Evelyn Ultimate Hand Therapy Collection Gift Set | 14 – ‘Charge 2’ Fitbit |15 – Mama Bear Shirt | 16 – Voluspa ‘Maison Jardin’ Votive Candle Set | 17 – Super Mom 15-Ounce Dinner Mug

Happy Friday! Happy Weekend!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Now, take the weekend to treat yourself and spend some quality with friends and family! Finally, watch out for more fun ‘inspired by’ concepts. Clue for next week: A Starbucks drink that’s bright and full of glitter. Can you guess? Comment below!

Graphic design by Ashley Cardoza

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