December 19, 2017

A Letter to Elle at Six Months

This is the sixth in a series of monthly updates that will be published during Elle’s first year.

Elle at Six Months

Dear Elle Belle,

This month has been the best month together yet. I know I say that every month, but it’s true.

At six months old, you are the light of my life.

As my granny sang to me and as I sing to you, you are my sunshine indeed. You light up a room. As I pray with you each night at bedtime, I hope you always bring as much joy to the world as you do today.

At six months old, you have the cutest chunky legs! Never before have fat rolls been so cute. Your cheeks are pretty delectable too. Now I have to admit that we don’t know your exact weight and height this month, as mommy didn’t make a doctor’s appointment in time. Bear with me. I’m learning. Little by little.

At six months old, you have made this holiday season more magical than ever! I’ve always been a fan of Christmas, but this year is like never before. Though you’re still perhaps too young to do too much, I still take delight in seeing your eyes light up when you see the lights and color of the season.

At six months old, you are finding your voice. Once you get started, you talk my ear off! You are experimenting with all sorts of sounds. My favorite is your squeal of delight. Sweetest sound I’ve ever heard.

At six months old, you are experiencing great bursts of energy. You love to move your arms and legs. You are trying to crawl. Oh sweet girl you are oh so close! You love standing up and exercising and playing and doing all the things! In short doses of course. You are, after all, only six months old and still need lots of sleep.

At six months old, you are unbelievably social. Each morning, I make your bottle and then we walk over to Starbucks where I have my coffee, you have your milk, and we visit with the gentlemen there. They love you, and you clearly enjoy your time conversing with them. Last Friday night, you joined me at a girls night out at Houston hot spot A’bouzy. No surprise – you did wonderfully and were the hit of the night. You socialized, smiled, laughed, and talked. And then took a power nap in my arms. When you reawakened, you were as happy as could be. That’s so typical of your easy going, social, happy demeanor.

At six months old, you have had two bottom teeth appear! Even through that, you’ve shown no signs of fussiness. Sweet girl – thank you for making things as easy as possible on me.

At six months, you exude joy everywhere you go. Your smile warms my heart. Your sweet spirit is beyond comprehension. Though I don’t deserve it, I am beyond grateful to be your mother.

I’m thrilled to experience Christmas through your eyes this year and beyond. You, after all, are the greatest gift I’ve ever received.

Love you, my sweet girl.


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Elle’s outfit : Janie & Jack plaid drop waist dress / Janie & Jack plaid bow cardigan / Gucci metallic fringe loafers / Willow Crowns bow headband


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Photos by Ailee Petrovic, Balloon by Big Ass Balloons

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