December 21, 2017

Makeover your Candy! How to Make Rainbow Rock Candy

Sugar and rainbows. Is there a better combination?

Rainbow Rock Candy

By Holly Wade

Even candy could use a rainbow makeover sometimes!

So, no matter what the occasion, this simple rainbow rock candy is the perfect way to add a pop of color! This easy update means no recipe required…just a little food paint that gives these plain sticks of rock candy shine as well as color.

Thanks to color dust or pearl dust mixed with a little vodka, you can create “paint” that perfectly adheres to the rock candy and stains the color for good, drying quickly so there’s very little mess. Don’t worry; painting with vodka is completely safe for kids because the small amount evaporates so quickly. This is the standard way to mix colors for cake decorating.

rainbow rock candy

Rainbow Rock Candy


Step 1: Mix about ¼ tsp of pearl dust with several drops of clear alcohol and mix with a paint brush until it is a smooth paint-like consistently. Only a VERY small amount is needed.

Step 2: Use a small paint brush to apply the first color – pink in this case – to the top section of the rock candy.

Step 3: Repeat these steps with 5-6 colors, allowing the colors to blend slightly at each layer. Set aside to dry.

The color will set very quickly, but the color dust can stain your hands, so it’s best to let it dry first for best results.

+ print recipe


  • Clear rock candy
  • Powdered pearl dust, rainbow of colors
  • Vodka or white rum
  • Paint brushes (food use only)
  • Plastic cups
  • *Note, you can use any paintbrushes, but make sure they are used exclusively for food.

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