What You Get When You Combine a Hamburger and Cake

By Holly Wade

I think a good hamburger fixes just about anything. It’s my go-to lunch craving and never, ever fails me (especially with a side of fries), but when I’m craving something sweeter, cake will always win. So, why not combine the two?!

You can make these cute and delicious mini hamburger cakes with yellow cake “buns,” chocolate frosting “patties,” shredded coconut “lettuce” and candy melt “tomatoes.” All these flavors combine to make a delicious cake. Add a side of cookie fries, and you’ve got yourself a sweet, “well-rounded” meal!

Simple and Foolproof

Classic yellow cake makes the perfect color and texture for these hamburger cakes, and this recipe is simple and foolproof, but you can also use boxed cake mix for this tutorial in a pinch. The same goes for chocolate frosting, but I’d argue homemade frosting is always better than store-bought if you can find the time. Simply bake and decorate, and you’ll find that they’re actually a lot easier to make than a standard layer cake.


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One More Thing

Pretty darn cute, huh? Let us know if you make these! They are adorable and delicious and a perfect little treat. Have a great rest of your day!

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