June 06, 2018

ModCloth Graphic Tee and Striped Skirt

Colorful stripes are always a good thing.

As you know, here at CarrieColbert.com our mission is to empower women to live, think, and dress with more color. We believe in positivity always. In terms of fashion, the more color the better. And bonus points if there’s a positive message alongside that color!

When I saw this t-shirt from ModCloth, I knew I needed to have it. Radiate love is such a powerful message and a great reminder always. And the fact that there is color quite literally radiating from the heart and message, it’s simply perfect. I immediately knew I wanted to pair it with a colorful striped skirt.

ModCloth believes each time you get dressed is an opportunity to express yourself, and we couldn’t agree more!

Style tip

A graphic tee with a positive message + a colorful striped midi skirt = a fun summer look!

- Carrie

ModCloth emante amour graphic tee (c/o)

ModCloth compania fantastica cotton skirt (c/o)

ModCloth vibrant values bracelet (c/o)


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