July 06, 2020

Monday Memo: 07.06.2020

4 things to know this week

Monday Memo: 07.06.2020

Hi guys – happy Monday!

How was your long holiday weekend? We actually didn’t take Friday off as a holiday, nor are we taking today off. So, technically, it wasn’t a long weekend for us.

However, it was a relaxing weekend. We didn’t really have anything on the agenda except some pool time and fireworks watching (socially-distanced of course).

Stay tuned this week for a blog post on Elle’s chic not cheesy small but sweet Frozen-themed 3rd birthday party.

That’s all I have for now… Let’s get into this week’s Monday Memo…

4 Things to Know This Week

1 – H&M summer dresses

I think I’m late to the party because I’m just now realizing that H&M has some great summer dress options!

Now, before you think I’m going off-brand and pushing fast fashion, let me explain… I am still anti-fast-fashion. And I am actually very picky about fabrics. I hate the feel of many of the synthetic fabrics out there. What I am learning, though, is that H&M has a lot of conscious options in natural fabrics like cotton and such.

And of course, the prices are phenomenal! I am learning, though, that popular styles sell out quickly. So, if you see something you like, snag it quickly!

2 – Rifle Paper Co. Wallpaper

Are you a fan of Rifle Paper Co. like I am? Founder Anna Bond’s distinctive whimsical floral illustrations are unmistakeable!

Well, if you too are a fan, you’ll be delighted to know that there is now a line of Rifle wallpaper! My favorite is the Rifle garden party wallpaper mural. I’m even considering using it in Elle’s big girl room.

I’m also a fan of the peacock wallpaper, the garden party wallpaper, and the hydrangea wallpaper. So lovely!

3 – Peaches

Summer often brings on fresh fruit cravings for me. Whether it be strawberries or watermelons, there’s nothing like those juicy summery tastes!

This summer, I’ve been craving peaches like crazy!

It’s all I want to eat! Peaches, peaches, peaches. I think it started when I received an email about The Peach Truck coming through town earlier this summer. Though I didn’t order any then, I did get lots of fresh peaches at my local farmers market – maybe too many, if that’s possible. At least, more fresh peaches than I can eat before they go bad.

So, I was happy to stumble upon these delectable peach recipes. I can’t wait to try some!

4 – J.Crew sale

I think I talked about a sale at J.Crew last week. Well, now they are running another huge sale. And it’s just too good not to mention again! J.Crew is offering 50% full-price items and an additional 70% off sale items!

You guys – these deals are insane! For instance, my shopping cart is full, and here are some of the best deals in my cart:

This classic-fit shirt in rainbow stripe is under $8!!! Yes, you read that right — $7.80!!

This perfect t-shirt in rainbow stripe is $9!

These pink and white twisted-knot espadrille sandals are only $12!!!

This darling little girl seersucker dress is under $20!

This little girl adorable pink and white gingham dress is only $16!

Shop more of what’s in my shopping bag here:


In Closing

What are you liking from this week’s Monday Memo? Leave a comment, DM me, email me – or whatever!! Tell me what you’re liking the most. And tell me what else you’d like to see here!

Wishing you a great week.

More color, please!



  1. Tegan Davis says:

    Totally scored some great new “work” clothes on the jcrew sale this weekend. Had to have the lemon print chinos shorts and the yellow eyelet hem tank. Whole outfit for just over $20?!? And that peacock wallpaper 😍 we’re on the same wavelengths this rn 🙃

  2. Erin Urquhart says:

    I actually haven’t even checked out the JCrew sale yet! Thanks for the heads up!

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