January 26, 2018

New Year, Whole Me : Fitness

Erin O' Leary of DEFINE body & mind shares easy and effective at-home workouts to help get you in shape!

New Year, Whole Me

Hi friends! We’re back today with another installment in our “New Year, Whole Me” series. Last week’s was all about nutrition, and Marla shared some great tips and healthy ideas for your daily life.

And now we’re talking all about fitness!

We’re thrilled to have Erin O’ Leary (@erinolearystewart), Co-Owner of DEFINE body & mind, here sharing easy, yet effective, workouts you can do anywhere. And if you’re a new mama, your baby can be involved, too!

Take it away, Erin!

We got Carrie into the studio to take her through a personal training session of our DEFINE body class. This class is a core-focused whole body workout that builds strength and boosts your metabolism. We incorporate the science of pilates, yoga, core strengthening and ballet in a balanced workout on the mat.

Our DEFINE baby class allows you to work out with your little and is the perfect mommy and me time where you can also get your workout in. The following moves are great to do in the comfort of your own home or check out our website to find your closest DEFINE body & mind studio.

Keep on reading for some moves we did with Carrie and Elle!

Wide Second

This move strengthens and elongates the quadriceps, developing long lean thighs and calves.

Standing with feet wide, toes turned out, bend knees to lower hips.

Take pulses, lowering hips down and up, staying around knee level for ultimate calorie burn!


A safe and effective way to strengthen and elongate the quadriceps and the gluteals, while stabilizing the ankle and the knee joints, reducing inches from the body from the knee to hip.

Stepping one foot back into the lunge position, lower the back knee towards the mat while maintaining alignment of the front knee over ankle.

Add some fun upper body moves to switch the spine and get the heart rate up.


The DEFINE Dance is another great option allowing for work in the core, thighs, and glutes while incorporating a good cardio element. The addition of carrying your little adds even more cardiovascular fun!

To do the “DEFINE Dance” start in a yoga chair, then shift weight to one leg while lifting the oppsite leg laterally.

Return to yoga chair and shift weight to opposite side and lift opposite leg. Continue to alternate while moving to the music.

Plank Series

You can do this comprehensive core and body exercise anywhere! You are working all major muscle groups and specifically targeting the transverse abdomens, internal/external obliques, rectus abdomens, and serratus anterior and posterior. Think posture stabilizers and long, lengthened body.

To get into this position, lower down to forearms, tuck tows and lengthen legs, lifting knees off the mat. Be sure forearms are parallel to one another and the elbows are beneath shoulders.

Hold the position and find your breath, squeezing shoulder blades down your back and toward one another begin to take small movements rocking back towards heels, exhaling on the execution. Do the same on your hands.

Thigh Dancing

This fun move works the entire body, but specifically the thighs eccentrically to lengthen the distribution of tone and strength and helps to work on hip flexor flexibility.

Use the arms and move to the music to get a cardio blast! Stay here for 2-3 minutes and be sure to have some fun!


This one increases spinal vitality and flexibility, flattens and strengthens the abdominal wall and creates balance in the trunk of the body.

Take a seat with feet hips distance apart. Holding onto the backs of the things, roll down, aiming your low back to the mat, hollowing out your abdominals.

This all comes from breath work so be sure to exhale deeply on your way down.

Continue to hold the position getting deeper with each exhale. Do three sets.


A Couple More Things

What are your favorite at-home workouts? We’d love to hear in the comments below!

Did you catch our Galentine’s Day party on Monday? It could be one of our very favorite shoots, to date. Be sure to check it out!

See you back here tomorrow!

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