A Relaxed Look to Love for Spring

Happy Tuesday, friends! Before we jump into today’s outfit featuring this laid-back off-the-shoulder dress with soft stripes, let me share a quick story…

A few days ago, Mari and I were driving down the road to photograph. We couldn’t really think of a colorful mural that would work well with this dress, so we settled on a soft pale yellow wall. In fact, believe it or not, the wall we had in mind was just the side of a gas station. But as we proceeded southbound, it was as if a sixth sense for detecting colorful walls went off inside my head. I squealed “new wall, new wall”! Thankfully, Mari appreciates a new mural as much as I do. So, she quickly turned the car around to go check out this burst of color that had caught my eye on a little side street.

And when we pulled around the corner to see this wall in all its glory, we couldn’t believe how well this one section matched this dress! It’s as if it was meant to be. Hee!

The Dress

As for the dress, I was thrilled to find this in the “One By” section of one of my favorite retailers. Shopbop’s One By section is a carefully curated collection of eclectic designs that catch the eyes of the buyers. The section highlights an assortment of designers, both established and emerging.

This particular dress is made of lovely, authentic artisanal fabric. It has a soft feel and a laid-back vibe, perfect for vacations or when you just want to feel like you’re on a vacation. That relaxed feeling is enhanced further by the styling. I paired the dress with these super lightweight tiered tassel earrings and the mother of pearl Cult Gaia bag, which has reached “it bag” status (as discussed here).

In Closing

Make sure you didn’t miss yesterday’s oh-so-happy rainbow round-up – featuring a new look from me and rainbow selections in the morning. Plus, I put up a pregnancy update and rainbow selections for baby in the afternoon.

Finally, check back this afternoon for a new guide on how to wear one of the season’s biggest colors. Thanks, as always, for stopping by here!


Photos by Maritere Rice; Wall details coming soon to Wall Wanderings : Houston Mural Guide

Details of My Look


  1. Isabella says:

    I love this look! I would love a dress like that for the summer!

    1. Carrie says:

      Thanks, Isabella! Xo

  2. Jenn Lake says:

    Beautifully styled and such a great wall find!!! Happy Tuesday!

    1. Carrie says:

      Thanks a bunch, friend! Hope you’re well. Xo

  3. You look lovely! Adore this dress!

    xo, Jennifer

    1. Carrie says:

      Thanks so very much, Jennifer. So nice of you.

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