Splurge vs. Save : Rainbow Sweater + Pleated Midi Edition

Written by Julie Weinstein

First things first : did you see Carrie’s outfit yesterday? It could be one of my favorite posts, to date. The outfit was colorful perfection, and that backdrop (!!). It truly was a playful, luxurious outfit. I completely agree with the notion that luxe doesn’t have to mean uptight and stuffy. As evidenced in yesterday’s post, luxe pieces can be (and should be!) fun

In thinking about today’s Splurge vs. Save, we thought it would be great to do it with yesterday’s fabulous outfit. And, turns out, there are some beautiful pieces at lower prices that will help you to achieve the same type of look. 

Mixing and Matching

When it comes to putting together outfits, I’m all about mixing high and low. There are certain items I’m absolutely willing to splurge on, and others I’m not. And the best part is when you can wear them together. So, don’t be afraid of doing so, if you aren’t already. Grab that dress you got off the sale rack years ago and pair it with your extremely luxurious (and maybe pricey) leather jacket. 

For example, in Carrie’s outfit from yesterday, if you think you’ll get tons of wear out of a purple pleated skirt, go ahead and splurge, if you’re able. And if you don’t think you’d wear a rainbow sweater all too much, then get one of the less expensive options below. Mixing and matching is one of our favorite parts about fashion. It’s where you can really get extra creative! 

What Do You Think? 

What’s your favorite piece from the looks above? And what do you want us to cover in our next Splurge vs. Save? Be sure to let us know in the comments below. Have a great rest of your day!

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  1. Bella B says:

    I actually just bought that heart sweater from urban!!! lol to funny

  2. Cayla says:

    Thanks for doing a save version of yesterday’s outfit – excited to get this look at an affordable price! 🙂

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