Call Me the Crazy Cat Lady

Written by Hannah Lyons

Hey guys, happy Friday! On the heels of Carrie’s article about her super sweet pooch, I’m super eager to finally chat away about one of my favorite topics -cats! Many of you probably don’t know about my sweet obsession with my kitty, Olive. Yes, you can call me a crazy cat lady. Anyways, get excited because today I’m finding all kinds of inspiration from Karen Mabon and her adorable kitty scarf!

Inspired By : Karen Mabon’s Cats Scarf 

First off, are you all familiar with Karen Mabon? She’s an adorable British-based designer that creates the most exquisite scarves and pajamas sets. Her designs are a collection of art. Her gorgeous illustrations and bright colors never fail to catch an eye and sway a smile.

Of course, you know that I fell in love with her cat patterns, being the kitty countess I am. I mean, seriously? What’s cuter than a scarf covered in kitties in costumes? Hmm, my guess? Nothing!

Added Note: To see more of Karen Mabon’s designs and products visit her Instagram: karenmabon.

14 Kitty Inspired Items We Love

Using Karen’s scarf as inspiration, we found these 14 kitty inspired items we love are perfect for the cat loving loved ones in your life. My personal favorite has to be #13. It’s the perfect present for your cat, especially if they are picky with their water.

Hopefully, you love these items as much as I do. Have fun browsing!

Product Details: 

1 – Rainbow Bright Cat Bandana | 2 – Cat Emoji Pillow | 3 – ‘Pets Rock’ GG’ Giclee Wall Art | 4 – Pet Magic Mask Sheet | 5 – Cat Playhouse Series | 6 –Kitty LED Children Night Light | 7 – Faux Gem Cat Ear Headband | 8 – Sunflower Cat Ear Headband | 9 – Cat Rainbow Stripe Wool Blend Sweater | 10 – Cat Face Graphic Eco Tote | 11 – ‘Acid’ 50mm Cat Eye Sunglasses | 12 – Kit-Tea Tea Infuser | 13 – Catit Flower Fountain | 14 – Strawberry Small Cotton Cat Bed House

Have a Happy Weekend

Last but not least, we wish you a wonderful weekend. Take time to relax and enjoy some time with friends and other loved ones. Don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is coming up this Tuesday!

By the way, if you’re a Houston local, check out our Houston guides. They may be helpful for brainstorming some fun Valentine’s Day dates!

Finally, come back tomorrow to read Carrie’s weekend round up. As always, sending positive vibes your way!

Graphic design by Ashley Cardoza


  1. Izzy says:

    I hope you have a lovely weekend! x
    Izzy -

    1. Carrie says:

      You too, Izzy!

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