Best Mexican Restaurants in Houston


 Written by Julie

Your Guide to the Best Mexican Restaurants in Houston

It likely comes as no surprise that when it comes to Mexican restaurants in Houston, we have some incredible options. Whether you’re in the mood for casual, quick, and fun, or for upscale, fine dining, you have lots to choose from.

Now, we really tried to narrow this list down, but we couldn’t get below 12; there are too many good ones! From the queso to the fajitas to the enchiladas and tacos, Mexican food is our favorite.

Furthermore, did you know that tomorrow is National Margarita Day? It’s true! So, we thought it was fitting to talk Mexican food today and then tomorrow we’re bringing you a delicious margarita recipe for you to enjoy.

And with that, keep reading for what we think are the best Mexican restaurants in Houston, in alphabetical order (along with a Google Map so you know where each one is).

Our 12 Favorite Mexican Restaurants in Houston

1. Anejo

1180-1 Uptown Park Blvd., Houston, Texas 77056

Located in Uptown Park and minutes from The Galleria, Anejo provides an elevated Tex-Mex dining experience. Here you’ll find traditional recipes and over 100 hand-picked tequila and mezcals, including 75 tequilas, 25 hard-to-find mezcals, and 150+ distinguished wines.

2. Armandos

2630 Westheimer Road, Houston, Texas 77098

We mentioned Armando’s in our fine dining guide, and of course had to mention it here, as well. We just love the food so much, and the moody, romantic atmosphere is one of our favorites. From the lobster enchiladas to the elegant seafood dishes and delicious tacos, we go back here time and time again.

3. Caracol

2200 Post Oak Blvd., #160, Houston, Texas 77056

Caracol is where Mexican food and seafood meet, and it’s the most perfect combination that we can’t get enough of. From the rustic, traditional, and modern interior to the ceviche, oysters, and the famous pork tacos, you’ll love the entire experience at this one.

4. Chuy’s

2706 Westheimer Road, Houston, Texas 77098

A casual spot with a large menu, Chuy’s is a place the locals head to frequently. The fajitas and enchiladas are delicious, the ‘ritas are fantastic, and we have been known to eat far too many chips and salsa here, too.

5. El Tiempo

3130 Richmond Ave., Houston, Texas 77098

One of the most well known Mexican restaurants in town, and with 7 locations, you’ll most certainly be able to find an El Tiempo near where you are. The fajitas are our go-to, but you really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. And the margaritas are absolute perfection.

6. Escalante’s

4053 Westheimer Road, Houston, Texas 77027

Another staple in the Houston Mexican food scene, Escalante’s will bring you consistently good service and eats time and time again. It’s casual, it’s easy, and it’s yummy every single visit.

7. Hugo’s

1600 Westheimer Road, Houston, Texas 77006

Mentioned in both our fine dining guide and brunch guide, Hugo’s is one of our absolute favorite spots in town. This is where we go for authentic Mexican food (versus Tex Mex). Chef Hugo Ortega is a five-time James Beard award finalist, among other accolades. From moles, tortillas, tender pork, ceviche, and even grasshoppers (yes, really!), you’ll enjoy everything you try. You simply can’t go wrong.

8. La Mexicana

1018 Fairview Street, Houston, Texas 77006

We are huge fans of this neighborhood spot. La Mexicana is casual and homey, with great tacos, and they have all you can eat breakfast until noon on Sundays. It’s a go-to when we’re craving Mexican food, and it’s always easy and delicious. Carrie says that during football season, she and her guy like to go there and sit at at the bar to watch Houston Texans football while they brunch!

9. Molina’s

3801 Bellaire Blvd., Houston, Texas 77025

A family restaurant that’s been around for decades, Molina’s is a classic, Houston Mexican spot. The food is quality, and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. They just celebrated 75 years in business, and we think they’re going to be around for at least another 75.

10. Ninfa’s

2704 Navigation Blvd., Houston, Texas 77003

Probably one of the most popular Mexican restaurants in Houston, Ninfa’s has it all. The fajitas, tacos, enchiladas, tamales, everything is extremely tasty, and you’ll be a huge fan from the moment you walk inside.

Now, we do have to point out that you should make sure to go to the original location on Navigation street. This is where it all started… Where Mama Ninfa first started the fajita craze.

11. Pappasito’s

2536 Richmond Ave., Houston, Texas 77098

Whether you’re in the mood for sizzling filet mignon fajitas or just a large bowl of mouth-watering queso, Pappasito’s is your place. It’s part of the Pappas family of restaurants, and it’s just as delicious as you would imagine.

12. Picos

3601 Kirby Drive, Houston, Texas 77098

Here at Pico’s, you’ll be among ice cold, signature shaker margaritas, fresh seafood specials, delicious quesadillas, and many other decadent things. It’s a fun spot for drinks, dinner, and celebrations, and we certainly love it.

In Closing

For those of you who live in Houston, where do you go for Mexican food? Have you been to the ones above? Let us know in the comments below which one is your favorite. As well, make sure to check out our other Houston city guides if you haven’t yet. And finally, don’t forget to check back tomorrow for a delicious margarita recipe for you to enjoy on #NationalMargaritaDay!

Images borrowed from Hugo’s, Caracol, and Houston Chronicle; graphics by Ashley Cardoza


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  1. Lea Valerio says:

    My all time favorite Mexican restaurants are El Tiempo at Navigation & Dona Maria’s also on Navigation. The Lorenzo family has done Ninfa Lorenzo proud. Juan Hernandez, owner of Dona Maria’s, is a grand person. He is present everyday. He is a retired fireman & contributes to the Hispanic community at the drop of a hat.

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