Hey there, folks! This week just flew by, didn’t it? I’m currently on my first flight of the year (yay!) for a little weekend getaway.

But before I land, I wanted to share what’s been going on around here and what we’ve been loving online lately. Thanks so much for stopping by and being a part of the Wear + Where + Well community!

Around Here Lately

  • Wondering what you can expect around here this year? Check out this article!
    • Plus it happens to contain one of my favorite everyday casual outfits of recent days 🙂
    • And we would love your input for 2017!
  • Be sure to check out this striped ruffle top that has been on repeat lately. It’s on sale and selling quickly!
  • Did you see our adorable college intern Hannah? Love the way she styled this versatile gray sweater dress.
  • If color is your love language, you won’t want to miss this French colors sweatshirt. Another everyday casual look that’s on repeat around here!

Around the Internet Lately


Now, here are a few of our favorite fashion finds from our recent days…

In Closing

Finally, I’ll end with this Seth Godin short piece I read recently. In fact, it’s short enough I’ll just share the whole thing here. It’s quite beautiful.

Have a great weekend!

The Choice

Attitude is the most important choice any of us will make. We made it yesterday and we get another choice to make it today. And then again tomorrow.

The choice to participate.

To be optimistic.

To intentionally bring out the best in other people.

We make the choice to inquire, to be curious, to challenge the status quo.

To give people the benefit of the doubt.

To find hope instead of fear in the face of uncertainty.

Of course these are attitudes. What else could they be?

And of course, they are a choice. No one does these things to us. We choose them and do the work (and find the benefits) that come with them.


  1. Jenn Lake says:

    Love that Seth Godin piece – so good! Have a great weekend!

    1. Carrie says:

      Isn’t it good? Have a great weekend, J!

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