A Glimpse at Mama’s First Girls Day Out

As of Monday, my baby will be seven weeks old. And for the first six weeks or so, I pretty much took care of her 24/7. Sure I had family visiting and helping, but at the end of the day it was me caring for her all the time. And I do not regret that at all! It was (and is) a privilege to become accustomed to my sweet girl. I’ve loved getting to know her personality and learn to care for her. 

As we move forward, though, I am trying to figure out what sort of situation is sustainable for us for the long-term. After all, mama has to take care of herself, be productive, and stay sane, right? So, on that note, I was absolutely thrilled to get out of the house for a day of relaxation with my girlfriends (Lyndsey, Traci, Mari, and Julie) this week! 

What We Did

A Spa Afternoon at the Four Seasons Hotel Houston

We started the day at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Houston. While there, we enjoyed a few hours in their recently renovated, beautiful spa. Lyndsey, Mari and I got massages, and Traci and Julie got pedicures. We spent some time in their relaxation room, by the pool, and enjoyed champagne along the way. I was so impressed by the new spa. Indeed, it’s so luxe! And you feel like you’re worlds away, even though in reality it is only about ten or so minutes from my house! Besides the facilities being top-notch, the staff were so accommodating and helpful, and we all enjoyed our treatments immensely. 





Some Pampering at Full Blown Dry Bar

After we relaxed for a few hours, it was time to get beautified. We went to my favorite hair place in Houston: Full Blown Dry Bar located in River Oaks Shopping Center. We each got blowouts, and Lyndsey, Traci, and I also got our makeup done. I have been a fan of Full Blown since they opened. It’s locally owned, is minutes from my house, and every single time I go I’m so pleased with how my hair turns out. It’s a beautiful space, and they use the best products (Oribe and R + Co). What I also love is that not only can you get your hair blown and makeup done, but you can also get mini facials. 



Happy Hour and Dinner at Starfish

And our last (but certainly not least) stop of the day was, of course, food! We went to Star Fish, which is a hot new restaurant in the Heights. And we absolutely loved it. Each one of us continued to talk about it into the next day. Every single thing we tasted was fresh and delicious. From the cocktails to the oysters to the lobster tacos (and, quite literally, everything in between), there was nothing we didn’t like. As well, we all loved the decor. It’s really such a cool spot, and I can’t wait to go back…likely next week!



How We Got Around

For convenience, ease, and safety, we chose Uber to get around the city.

First, using Uber saved us from having to pay expensive parking and valet fees in downtown Houston. Second, the features of the Uber app allowed us to share our location, status, and estimated time of arrival with each other since we all met at the first location. Third, this goes without saying, but safety first always – especially now that I’m a new mom! It’s great to be able to have a cocktail or two with the peace of mind knowing we had Uber to safely transport us home at the end of the day.


In Closing

It sure felt good to reconnect with my friends. For you moms out there, do you have any advice for taking care of yourself while still devoting yourself to your baby? I’d love to hear in the comments below. Have a great rest of your weekend! 

Photos by Maritere Rice

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Also, a huge thanks to Four Season, Full Blown, and Starfish for hosting us! 


  1. Sheri says:

    HI Carrie,
    It is so important to take a little bit of time for yourself. I would (and still do) get manicures/pedicures regularly as just a bit of time away from the kids, work and other responsibilities.

    Beautiful photos and fun to see some more candid type shots.


    1. Carrie says:

      Ah thanks for those words of wisdom and that feedback, Sheri. Always a delight to hear from you.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Sounds and looks like a perfect day out! You deserve it mama!
    xo, Jennifer

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