June 05, 2018

Americana : 15 Ways to Wear Red, White, and Blue All Summer Long

...without looking like an American flag

Americana Vibes

Sweet summertime. The greatest time of year, right?

We are in a summer state of mind, indeed, and we’re looking forward to savoring each and every warm, sunny day.

Truly, the whole summer season feels very patriotic. With Memorial Day ushering in the season, followed by the Fourth of July, and finally Labor Day unofficially closing the season, there are many chances to wear our flag’s colors. In fact, you don’t even need a holiday for an excuse; red, white, and blue can (and should!) be worn all summer long.

Less Literal, More Figurative

Sure – we love the American flag. But we don’t want to be mistaken for one. Oftentimes people will shy away from wearing patriotic colors in fear of looking like our nation’s flag. And that’s understandably so because oh so quickly can a red, white, and blue ensemble start resembling the Old Glory.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear all three colors together. Because all three colors together can look equal parts fun, chic, and ever so stylish. You just don’t necessarily want to wear red striped pants with a blue and white star t-shirt. But mixing and matching different prints, patterns, and shades of the colors look beautiful together as you can see below!

The key to wearing red, white, and blue is to be less literal in your sartorial interpretation of the flag and more figurative in how you wear it.

Keep on scrolling to see 15 ways you can wear red, white, and blue all summer long (along with 50 of our favorite items currently available to shop)!

How Carrie Has Worn Red, White, and Blue

How Others Have Worn Red, White, and Blue

50 Ways You Can Wear Red, White, and Blue

A Few More Things

1. Do you enjoy wearing red, white, and blue together? Separately? Anything you’re eyeing from above? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

2. Carrie is going to be on Houston Life today between 1 and 2 pm talking all about the best coffee spots in Houston. Be sure to tune in!

3. Do you sometimes wish you could shop Carrie’s closet? Well, now you can! Lots of good stuff recently added to her Poshmark closet.

4. We hope you’ve had a great start to the summer season (we know it doesn’t officially begin until later this month, but as we said, we’re in a summer state of mind!).

See you back here tomorrow!



  1. Sheri says:

    That red baseball shirt T by Alexander Wang has been in my Net-A-Porter shopping cart for a while. Cute!

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