Wednesday Words of Wisdom : 9.20.17

Written by Julie Weinstein

We’re so excited to kick off a new series today! If you recall, in our ‘meet the team’ posts a while back, one of the questions was on the topic of favorite quotes, and each of us had more than one. Each one of us is into inspirational quotes in a big way! And we know many of you are, too.

So, today we’re bringing you the first installment in our “Wednesday Words of Wisdom” series, where we’ll bring you one of our favorite quotes and thoughts having to do with it.

As well, we’re thrilled to be partnering with one of our favorite creatives, Amy Tangerine, on this series. All of the beautiful watercolor designs you’ll see are by Amy. She’s such a talent, indeed!

Now, onto today’s quote…

Do Good

In a chaotic world such as ours, especially as of late, the simple act of doing good can be extremely powerful.
And here’s the thing – you can only do as good as you’re capable of. And whatever you’re capable of is more than enough.
If you’re trying your hardest to be the best person you can possibly be, that’s great.
If you’re helping others as much as you’re able, that’s great.
If you’re making as much of a difference in this world as you’re capable of, that’s great.
Doing good doesn’t have to be an elaborate, complex action either. Sometimes simple is more.
If your friend is going through a hard time, simply asking him / her how they’re doing and sitting there to listen (not just hear, but actively listen) is an incredible gesture.
When natural disaster strikes (and, really, Mother Nature, can you lay off now? It’s enough), and people around you have been affected, there are countless ways you can help. If you’re unable to support financially, that’s more than ok. You can offer to help with cooking them meals, doing their laundry, driving their kids to school, and simply being there for them in whatever way they need.
There will always be people that are able to do more or less than you, and it’s best to not judge or compare. Because, as they said, “comparison is the thief of joy,” and doing good should bring you and those around you joy.
That’s another thing about doing good. You’ll feel good by doing good. And there’s nothing shabby about that.

A Few Ways to Do Good and Help Now

  • Pray for Houston and How You Can Help
  • How to Give Back by Supporting Brands That are Giving Back
  • As many of you know, our very own Mari is Mexican and has family there. Thankfully, they are all ok, but so many are not from the devastating earthquake. If you’d like to donate to the recovery efforts in Mexico, we have two great ways you can do so.
    • Amazon : You simply purchase items that Mexico’s Red Cross has requested for aid and rescue, such as diapers, sleeping bags, batteries, tool kits, and the list will be updated as more needs come. Once the items are purchased, they will be delivered directly to the Red Cross Donation Center via Amazon.
    • Topos Mexico : This is a rescue organization that helps worldwide in natural disasters. It is Mexico based, and was created during the aftermath of the 1985 Mexico City earthquake. You can donate via their PayPal account and funds will go directly towards the rescue needs.

A Couple More Things

A huge thank you to Amy Tangerine for partnering with us on this series! We are so happy to be doing so. Carrie has actually been friends with Amy for over fifteen years from back in the day when Carrie was into scrapbooking. Amy is truly so talented and we really admire her work. We’re excited to partner with her to create these beautiful quotes for you.

Be sure to pin away, share on Facebook, and forward to your friends! 

Now, what’s your favorite quote? Maybe it’s on our list!

We hope you’ve been having a great week, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow morning.


Watercolor design by Amy Tangerine

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