February 01, 2020

Weekend Roundup : 01.31.20

My favorite links from this week

Global Palindrome Date

Hey guys – Happy weekend!

Did you know that this Sunday is a palindrome date? In fact, it’s the first global palindrome day in over 900 years! The last one was 11/11/1111. And it won’t happen again for over 100 years! It will be 12/12/2121

But, back up, you might say… What exactly is a palindrome? A palindrome is a word, phrase, or sequence that reads the same forward and backward.

And what makes today a global palindrome day? Well, we in the USA use the MM/DD/YYYY date format, but most other countries across the globe use DD/MM/YYYYY format. Any way you write it, today is palindromic!

As a number nerd, I get excited about stuff like this. 🙂

Beyond that, it is also Super Bowl Sunday and Groundhog Day! So, it is indeed a day worth celebrating!

Now, keep scrolling for a round up of my favorite links of the week.

Weekend Shopping

Best $7 I’ve spent in a while!

Black version of the dress you loved most last year!

Color lovers unite with this tote!

Crewcuts is killing it with the rainbow selection right now!

Definitely not in my budget, but oh how I love these colorful stripes!

Perfect Valentine’s Day sweater

Have a great weekend!

More color, please!


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