How to Wear White Accessories

Written by Julie Weinstein

White after Labor Day? You bet! Not only is the “no white after Labor Day rule” not applicable anymore, but white this time of year, and into the winter, is encouraged! The thing with white is that it’s classic, timeless, crisp, and chic. And for those reasons, and more, it will never go out of style or become “out of season.” Truly, it goes with everything.

In particular, we’re talking about accessories. The white accessories trend is front and center right now, and we absolutely adore it. 

So, keep on reading for three ways to embrace this wonderful white out.

3 Ways to Embrace White Accessories This Season

1. With a feminine and colorful skirt

Next time you put on that feminine skirt of yours, grab your white bag and shoes to go with it. Not only does the white pop alongside your colorful bottom half, but it serves as a nice and neutral contrast to the pop of color in your skirt.

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2. With a dress

When you reach for your fall dresses, before jumping to black or nude accessories, try out white first. Since white this time of year hasn’t always been prevalent, it is slightly unexpected, especially when donning something like a dress.

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3. With denim 

Probably the most common way to rock white accessories is with denim. Because denim and white make an incredibly perfect duo. Don’t shy away from your white shoes and bags when you’re in a casual sweater and jeans look because they will, in fact, complement the entire ensemble so well.

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70s Inspired

Indeed, white boots are very 70s inspired, but if you’re not ready to embrace the look of that decade just yet (or maybe ever), that’s ok. Pair your outfit with classic white accessories, such as a pointy toe pump or a Chanel inspired bag. 

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Take it to the Streets

As always, we love looking to the streets for style inspiration, and some of the most stylish women have fully grasped the white accessories trend, so keep on scrolling.


How You Can Wear It

You’ve probably noticed an abundance of white accessories in the stores and online, so you already know the options are vast. Below we’ve pulled together some of our favorites that you can shop right here.


In Closing

It’s a fun trend, right? We can’t get enough of it. It’s fresh and current with a slight nod to the past, and we’re 100% on board!

A Couple More Things

Have you embraced the white accessories trend yet? If so, how? If not, do you plan to? Let us know in the comments below. And we’ll see you back here in the morning!


Photos by Maritere Rice

Street style shots borrowed from bloglovin’, Barney’s, Global View, The Zoe Report, The Fashion Tag, Something Navy, Damsel in Dior

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