May 15, 2017

7 Reasons You Need a Little White Dress This Summer

We are all about the LWD.

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7 Reasons You Should Own a Little White Dress

Now, not only has spring sprung, but summer is just around the corner! Can you believe it? Unbelievably, the Memorial Day weekend here in the US is less than a few short weeks away. And of course that marks the unofficial start of summer. With summer quickly approaching, it’s time to get our closets up to speed.

And truly, there is nothing that epitomizes summer dressing more than a little white dress (LWD). Indeed, LWDs epitomize the freshness of summer! There’s just something so perfect about a crisp, clean all-white ensemble.

Still need convincing? Here are 7 reasons why you should own a little white dress this summer (and here is another article we did on nine tips for wearing a white dress).

1. Little white dresses are completely versatile.

Obviously, you can dress it up or dress it down. From heels to sandals to sneakers, all of these tend to work with LWDs, depending on the occasion. Plus, you can pair your LWD with just about anything. (More on that in #2!).But not only can you dress it up and dress it down, you can wear it beyond the bounds of summer. That’s right – we are doing away with the old convention of only wearing LWDs after Memorial Day and before Labor Day. These days, we are pushing the bounds of wearing white into late spring and early fall. Trust us on  this!

2. Little white dresses allow endless options for accessorizing.

Really, you can allow your creativity to fly free with an LWD! Now, as for me personally, you know my penchant for colorful accessories. So, when opting for an all-white dress, it’s no surprise that I gravitated towards colorful accessories – like these surprisingly versatile and affordable pink shoes I’ve been wearing non-stop (see here, here, and here).

Now, if color is not your jam, never fear… Options are endless! You can create a totally monochrome all white look. You can pair the white dress with denim or even a camo jacket. Or you can create a classic palette of black and white. Use your accessories as a way of self-expression.

3. Little white dresses keep you cool in the summer heat.

Yes, in fact, wearing white is the best option to stay cool in the summer heat. Not to get too technical, but the color white reflects the heatwaves to which it is exposed, whereas the color black absorbs all the heatwaves to which it is exposed. So, wear white to look cool and stay cool!

4. Little white dresses are perfect for showing off your summer tan.

A little vain perhaps, but true! Get that summer glow (in moderation and safely, of course — we are all about sun safety here) and show it off in an LWD.

5. Little white dresses are foolproof options for summer vacations.

Really, can’t you just picture these dresses on the beach, by the pool, walking along the streets of a foreign city? In fact, LWDs are perfect for summer vacations! Plus, as mentioned before, they offer the ultimate in versatility. So, if you pack one for your summer vacation, odds are that you can wear it more than once in different ways.

6. Little white dresses are an easy alternative to your little black dresses.

Indeed, think of the LWD as the little sister to your LBD… The little white dress is the carefree, lighter alternative to the LBD in warm months. So, if you are one of those who is totally comfortable wearing black, you should be equally comfortable wearing this white alternative. Just apply those same principles here for a fresh summer look!

7. Little white dresses are sometimes mandatory attire for summer parties.

Actually, this is the reason that prompted me to bite the bullet and get a new LWD for this season. A few weeks ago, we attended a tennis tournament kick-off party with an all-white dress code. Much to my chagrin, as I was getting ready, it dawned on me that I didn’t have any all-white options that currently fit me. While I managed to pull something acceptable together for that party, I determined then to be on the look out for a new LWD.

25 Little White Dresses to Consider

For my little white dress selection, I selected this beautiful Tory Burch dress. While it is a bit of a splurge, I deemed it worthy, as I know I will wear it over and over again both this year and into the future. Yes, even after my pregnancy, with a few simple alterations, I’ll be able to make this dress work well into the future. And while obviously it’s not a maternity dress, it sure is bump friendly. I just sized up for ample room to grow.

Now that we’ve established the importance of a little white dress, we of course rounded up some options for you. No matter your budget or body type or preferred style, we’ve got ya covered!

Browse our 25 favorite LWDs here:

In Closing

So, do you own a white dress for the summer? Are you planning on getting one? Let us know which ones from above that you’re eyeing!  Have a great day.


Photos by Maritere Rice; wall details can be found here in our Houston Mural Guide

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