April 12, 2016

9 Tips for Wearing a White Dress

Living in little white dresses this summer.

How to Wear a White Dress

With spring in full force and summer approaching, little white dresses are popping up everywhere. These spring and summer staples are quickly replacing their darker counterpart the little black dress in stores and closets everywhere.

While a little white dress can be one of the most versatile pieces to own for warm months, it can also be a bit tricky to wear successfully. The blank canvas it provides can be a little overwhelming.

Here are our top 9 tips for wearing a white dress with style. You can also see our article on seven reasons you need a little white dress here.

1. Select quality fabrics: To me, the quality of fabric always matters. The quality fabric just feels good and fits right. However, selecting a quality fabric is never more important than with white clothing. Quality fabrics are less likely to be see-through. Give the garment even more bonus points if it is lined.

2. Steer clear of clingy fabrics: Furthermore, make sure the fabric you choose isn’t too clingy. Note that wearing a tight, body-con dress in white is very difficult to do. That’s because tight white fabric tends to show every bump and bulge of your body. Remember: summer is all about the easy, breezy style anyway, so embrace free-flowing forms.

3. Don’t underestimate what’s underneath: Undergarments build the foundation of an outfit. Choosing the right underpinnings is especially critical with white clothing. Do not wear white undergarments. Instead, opt for skin-toned pieces. For more info on this topic, check out this great article from The Cut : What to Wear Under White Clothing.

4. Envision a vibe: What overall look are you going for? Are you going for an elegant evening look, a sexy date night look, a casual day look, or an edgy look for a girls night out? Let this dictate your choice in dress. Side note: keep reading for our top 35 white dresses of the season.

5. Pop your personality: Let your personality shine through with accessories. Accessories are the part of the outfit that allows you to have fun with self-expression. If you are demure and lady-like, perhaps consider classic accessories like pearl earrings, a gold necklace, and nude sandals. If you are a little rock and roll, add in some leather elements and edgy booties. If you have a fun and colorful personality, let that shine through, as I did here.

6. Go for gold: On the subject of accessories, I say go for gold with summer whites. I know, I know – metals are often a matter of personal preference. Some people just prefer silver or platinum to gold or rose gold. However, something about gold really works well with white and the warmer temperatures of the season. So, give it a try in this case.

7. Consider your closet: Remember, you’re working with a blank canvas with which anything goes. Use all the tools already at your disposal to create your white dress work of art. Chances are that you already have shoes, jewelry, and / or a handbag that will work brilliantly with your white dress!

8. Keep it simple: The beauty of white is in its simplicity. So, don’t overwhelm it with accessories. You’ll notice that although my accessory choices were bold, I kept them to just a few key pieces.

9. Lastly, look to add layers: Particularly if you are going to be wearing a white dress in the evening, don’t forget to bring along an outer layer for chilly nights. Depending on the style of your dress, consider a simple silk scarf to keep the look dressy, a blush leather jacket to add some edge or a denim jacket to keep it casual.

Top 25 White Dresses

I had my first chance to wear a white dress this past weekend in Dallas at the annual rewardStyle fashion blogger conference. RewardStyle hosted a closing party at the Winspear Opera House, and the invitation called for all-white attire.

In my opinion, Tibi does white dresses as well as anyone, so that’s where I turned first on my white dress search. Fortunately, I found my party dress almost immediately when this beauty showed up as in the new arrivals section. By the way, I also noticed that they are offering this dress exclusively online. You might remember me wearing it last summer (as seen here). The dress was a huge hit. I suggest you consider getting one while you can.

There are so many wonderfully beautiful and unique white dresses floating around online right now. You’re sure to find one to fit your style and occasion needs. Here is a round-up of our top 25 white dresses…

Do you have a little white dress in your closet? Which of these might you consider adding to your wardrobe?

Also, do you have a tip for wearing white? I’d love to hear!

Have a great day.

Photos by Justin James Photography


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