May 16, 2017

A Guide to Houston's Best Donuts

The very best donuts in Houston...

Your Guide to the Very Best Donuts in Houston

Written by Julie Weinstein

Just like in fashion, trends exist in food, as well. From cronuts to rainbow bagels to unicorn everything, to brussels sprouts, kale, and unique takes on avocado toast, they’ve each had, and some continue to have, their moment. While not-so-basic donuts may have had quite a moment in 2016, and even turned upscale, their popularity most certainly continues. And even if they aren’t considered an actual food trend, per se, I have a feeling donuts will always be a fan favorite.

What we’ve noticed in Houston, and possibly where you live, too, is that shops are opening dedicated entirely to special donuts. I’m not talking basic glazed donuts (not that there is anything wrong with a delicious glazed donut), but I’m talking maple bacon, oreo cookie crumble, hibiscus, fruity pebbles, and beyond. Really, it’s fun to see these new options and how creative these donut makers are.

As I mentioned, here in Houston, we have quite a selection of truly great places to get donuts. That coupled with the fact that the Wear + Where + Well team loves donuts, we decided it was about time to put together the ultimate guide to the very best donuts in Houston. We shot these photos at a beautiful On Point Custom Homes property, and we’re so thrilled with the outcome. So, keep on reading (and get ready to salivate)…

Where to Find the Best Donuts in Houston

Below you’ll find, what we believe to be, the top seven places in Houston for donuts. As well, there is a Google map at the bottom to help you locate each one. Enjoy!

1. Christy’s Donuts

1103 W Gray St, Houston, TX 77019

A staple in Houston, Christy’s Donuts is where it’s at weekend mornings (and weekdays, as well). While there can be quite a line and the parking lot can get full fast, people are in and out quickly, and it’s more than worth circling a time or two. If you’re looking for inexpensive, yet totally delicious, no fuss donuts, this is your place. Aside from donuts, their kolaches are also some of the best in the city.

2. Glazed the Doughnut Cafe

1333 Old Spanish Trail, Houston, TX 77054

Located near NRG Stadium, Glazed has taken donuts to a whole other level. For example, did someone say a pineapple upside down donut? That’s their current flavor of the week, by the way. Or how about their creme brûlée filled donut, or the glazed breakfast donut sandwich? Yes, really! And I could almost guarantee that whatever your favorite candy is, they have a donut topped with it!

3. Hugs & Donuts

1901 N Shepherd Dr #4, Houston, TX 77008

We immediately fell in love with the donuts from Hugs & Donuts (such a great name, too, because you can never have enough of either, right?), and you can really tell that each and every person who works here is passionate about the donuts they are putting out there. From their (not boring) glazed to s’mores filled to green tea coconut and maple bacon to their well known letter donuts, the options are endless, and each one is decadent and absolutely scrumptious. Trust us, we tried them all.

4. Lee’s Fried Chicken and Donuts

601 Heights Blvd, Houston, TX 77007

Fried chicken and donuts. Need I say more? But, really, Lee’s Fried Chicken and Donuts has an assortment of donuts that will satisfy any donut craving you have. In particular, the birthday cake icing and sprinkles stands out because birthday cake everything is simply the best, but you also can’t go wrong with their vanilla cake or Mexican chocolate or any other flavor on the menu. Or what about the donut double scooped ice cream sandwich? Yes, please!

5. Morningstar

4721 N Main St m, Houston, TX 77009

If you’re into all things Matcha, you must get Morningstar’s matcha glazed donut (pictured below). It is divine. But don’t stop there. They rotate their flavors, and they are the fluffiest donuts. Each one is not only delish, but pretty, too! We were such fans. Morningstar is the place you want to go for a coffee and a donut, and hang out there all day (and probably have a few more donuts while doing so).

6. River Oaks Donuts

3601 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77027

Now, the River Oaks Donuts menu is vast, and we certainly aren’t complaining about that! They have tons of options, including our favorites from them, the letter and number donuts you see below. We also love their colorful frosting and sprinkle ones. They might look simple, but they are everything you could want in a donut and so extremely fresh. As well, any filling you could imagine or want for a donut, they have it. Their donut holes are also incredible (and their kolaches top my list!).

7. Shipley Do-Nuts

401 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77002 (multiple locations)

Another staple here in Houston is none other than Shipley Do-Nuts. Located all over the city, there’s really nothing not to love about this one. Their donuts are simple, yet decadent, and can help complete a perfect Saturday morning. They have over 60 varieties, and dating back to 1936, Shipley Do-Nuts has certainly stood the test of time, and will absolutely continue to do so. Personally, their glazed are my favorite.

In Closing

So, are you craving donuts right now? Because while I was writing this, I certainly was. We truly had the best time doing this shoot. It was fun, messy, and delicious. We hope you enjoyed this guide as much as we enjoyed putting it together. If you live in Houston, where is your favorite place for donuts? Did it make the list above? And if you live out of town, we’d love to hear where you get your donuts! Let us know in the comments below and have a great rest of your day.

Photos by Maritere Rice; Shot on location at On Point Custom Homes property (available for sale) : 5415 Rose Street in Rice Military

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