December 13, 2018

How to Style the Most Festive Christmas Bar Cart

Let's get lit!

How to Style the Most Festive Christmas Bar Cart

Holiday parties are well underway, gatherings with friends are happening on the regular, and we’re loving every minute of it.

One of our favorite past times is hosting friends for cocktails and conversation. And, of course, we’re also into the idea of coffee and conversation, mimosas and mingling, and really any other reason we can think of to celebrate the everyday. But it’s the holidays, and we’re feeling festive, so cocktails it certainly is!

Also, I recently picked up a new bar cart (also love this acrylic option) for our new house, so I am obsessed with styling the bar cart for each and every holiday and special occasion!

We decided to deck out the bar cart in all its Christmas glory, and we are so excited with the end result. Styling a bar cart is really so much fun. We called on our friends over at Big Ass Balloons to help bring our “Let’s Get Lit” theme to life with an abundance of colorful balloons. And when we saw these Christmas light balloons, we immediately knew we needed to get our hands on them. And so we did.

Now keep on reading for how to style your own Christmas bar cart…

5 Tips for Styling a Christmas Bar Cart

1. Think of a theme

You know how we feel about a good themed party! I’m all about it. Give me a theme, and I will run with it!

For this party, the theme was a no-brainer! Once I saw these Packed Party holiday light cups, it was on! I wanted to host a Christmas light themed party and pull that inspiration into my bar cart situation.

And clearly we had to go with a Let’s Get Lit play on words! That’s what the cool kids say these days, right? Haha. Obviously, it’s just a play on words. We certainly don’t advocate drinking irresponsibly or to excess. But who doesn’t love a good pun?

Throw in some Christmas light balloons, some Christmas light ornaments, some coordinating napkins, and we were all set theme-wise!

2. Coordinate your colors

Sure, you can go with a traditional color scheme. Goodness knows we are all about traditional red this time of year.

But for a fun and festive fete, give your color palette a unique twist! Inspired by some ornaments I bought in Target (which I can’t find online to save my life!), we went with a traditional red and green combo, but we threw in some rose gold, pink, and teal blue.

Given our penchant for color (#MoreColorPlease!), we encourage you to do something unexpected! Use your color palette to create the overall vibe for your party – and carry that color scheme throughout every element.

3. Feel all the festive feels

Since it’s a Christmas themed bar cart, of course we wanted to play up all things Christmas with it! From our Christmas light drinks, to our Santa Claus drink holders, to our Christmas tree napkins, and other various accessories, it’s certainly a Christmas cart! Go all out with it, and bring in all the Christmas fun.

4. Bring on the beverages

No bar cart is complete without the beverages. We filled ours with champagne, wine, vodka, seltzer, and soda. It’s always important to have both alcohol and non-alcoholic options. And bar carts make it easy to allow people to make their own drink and put as much or as little in their cup as possible.

As for glassware, aside from the fun light cups, we went with martini glasses, champagne glasses, and stemless wine glasses, and we simply set out a few of each type.

5. Say yes to snacks

It’s nice to have a couple snack options out on the bar cart so when your guests are making their drinks they can also grab a handful of something yummy. We chose both a sweet and savory option with our homemade Chex mix and Sugarfina candy. Keep it festive with a Christmas snack mix (i.e. add red and green M&Ms to a basic mix) and holiday themed candies!

A couple more things

And there you have it! Does this inspire you to put together your own Christmas themed bar cart? If so, be sure to tag us in photos so we can see.

Cheers to the holiday season!


  1. Jenny says:

    Love how you styled the bar cart for Christmas!

    1. Thanks a bunch, Jenny! We tried our best to make you proud. 🙂

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