March 13, 2018

7 Ideas for Wearing Sequins in the Daytime

Night turns to day as sequins become this season's daytime staple.

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by Carrie Colbert

Are you a rule follower or a rule breaker? Admittedly, I’m more of a rule follower – almost to a fault, particularly when I was a kid. Always obedient, always straight A’s, never in trouble. You get the picture. But when it comes to fashion “rules”, we are all about breaking them! Navy with black? Love it. White after Labor Day? You bet. Sequins and sparkle in the daytime? Absolutely!

We adore sequins anytime! The world needs more sparkle, right Alice and Olivia?. Now, sequins at night is expected, even predictable. But sparkle by day? Now that’s unexpected and bold! Plus, it’s sure to brighten someone’s day. After all, why on earth should your fabulous sequin pieces be reserved for evening events or special occasions? Seems silly, if you ask us.

Daytime sequins have been trending the past several months, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about that. You can’t look at sequins and not instantly smile, so why not wear these smile-inducing, fashionable shiny disks all the time, day or night?

And while we don’t necessarily advise wearing a sequin gown to run your errands or to a client meeting, we are, in fact, huge proponents of wearing sequins in a daytime friendly way.

7 Ideas for Wearing Sequins in the Daytime

Below you’ll see some of the ways I have worn this trend over the years, so keep on scrolling!

1. Incorporate sequins via a graphic tee

Here, I paired this tee with this fabulous maxi skirt as seen on the runway. But I can’t wait to wear it with more casual options like boyfriend jeans. / See more of this look here.

2. Incorporate sequins via a blouse

Be sure to keep your sequins looking cool for daytime – and not too “try hard” – by pairing them with jeans. / See more of this look here.

3. Incorporate sequins via a pencil skirt

My favorite way to wear a sequin skirt by day is to dress it down! Do so by juxtaposing it with a graphic tee, a chambray skirt, sneakers… You get the idea! / See more of these looks here and here.

4. Incorporate sequins via accessories

If actual sequins aren’t your thing, try adding some sparkle of the more subtle variety. Make a casual outfit shine with sparkly accessories. / See more of this look here.

5. Incorporate sequins via accent on a sweater

Another subtle way to incorporate sequins into your look is by wearing a shirt or sweatshirt with sequin details, such as a sequin adorned graphic like you see in this outfit. / See more of this look here.

6. Incorporate sequins via accents on a utilitarian jacket

I love the idea of the juxtaposition of something more feminine and dressy, such as sequins, with the more utilitarian and casual feel of a military inspired jacket. So, with bringing sequins into your look this way, it’s stylish and downright cool. / See more of this look here.

7. Incorporate sequins via your top paired with joggers

It might be the dressiest of the bunch, but still very daytime friendly, you can wear a sequin top with jogger style pants. Pair with sneakers or heels and it’ll transform the look entirely. / See more of this look here.


How You Can Wear Sequins in the Daytime

There are so many beautiful sequin pieces out there that you can easily dress down for daytime wear. Keep on scrolling to shop them right here!

A Few More Things

1. What do you think? Are you into sequins and sparkle for daytime? Anything you’re eyeing from above? Let us know in the comments below.

2. Be sure to check out yesterday’s look of the day here!

3. Have a great rest of your day!

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