December 08, 2017

Dress up your Keys! How to Make a Layered Tassel Keychain

An easy-to-make (and fun) gift idea.

How to Make a Layered Tassel Keychain

By Holly Wade

In case you missed it, months ago, Carrie showed off this cute layered dress on her Instagram feed (in fact, it’s the dress she wore for her pregnancy announcement!). I decided to use that dress as inspiration to make a layered tassel keychain in several bright colors to dress up a set of keys, a purse zipper – you name it! It’s easy to make with embroidery thread, and you can customize the colors based on your favorites, but you know we LOVE a good rainbow pattern.

Tassels are easiest to make with pre-packaged skeins of embroidery thread because the general shape is already there, so it simplifies the steps, but you can also make tassels with yarn or other types of string. Each tassel lays on top of each other to create this fun, ruffled layer look, and the tassels are generally durable enough to stand a little wear and tear.

Here’s how to make one!

Layered Tassel Keychain


Step 1: Remove the wrapper from a skein of embroidery thread and cut one piece of thread about 6 inches long. Set aside.

Step 2: Fold the skein in half and loop the ends around your finger. This will make the top of the tassel.

Step 3: Use the piece of thread you set aside to tie a knot around the top of the skein, about ½ inch down. Then wrap the excess around as many times as you can and tuck underneath to hide the end.

Step 4: Cut the bottom of the skein loose to create the tassel. Trim ends even and repeat with all colors of embroidery thread so that you have 5 tassels.

Step 5: Cut a separate piece of embroidery thread about 6 inches long (can be from any color) and thread onto the darning needle. Tie a double knot at the end.

Step 6: Take the tassel that will be on the bottom (blue in this case), and insert the needle from the bottom of the tassel so that it pokes through the top. Pull until the knot catches.

Step 7: Take the second tassel and repeat so that it rests on top of the blue, and repeat with all 5 colors.

Step 8: Wrap the top end of the thread around a keychain ring several times. Then thread back through the loops a few times to create a knot that tightly secures the tassel to the ring.

Now you can attach the keychain to your keys, your purse or anything else to show off a rainbow of colors!

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Items Needed

  • Embroidery thread, 5 colors
  • Scissors
  • Keychain ring
  • Darning needle


The countdown to Christmas is officially on! If you end up making this keychain as a gift for someone (or yourself!) be sure to let us know.

And if you’d rather buy your gifts, be sure to check out our Holiday Gift Catalog full of tons of great options!

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you back here in the morning with a festive shoot we know you’re going to love.

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