1. Jane says:

    These walls are amazing! You look super cute!
    xo, Jane

  2. Jenn Lake says:

    What a fun feature – you look gorgeous as always! I love that the two of you infuse some fun breaks in the midst of everything!

  3. Isabella says:

    I love the red dress! The advice and your examples are extremely useful!

  4. Lee says:

    What a fun peek behind the scenes!

    But just curious…does all this moving around the city for different shoots mean you’re changing in the car?

  5. Sheri says:

    HI Carrie,
    What a great post. I’ve always been curious how you planned, coordinated and shot your work, so this is great. I have the same question as Lee….where do you get dressed between photo shoots?

    And perhaps this is too nosy, but do you have to return the clothes after the shoot, or do you get to keep them?

    Love your outfits!


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