August 01, 2018

Great Minds

Wednesday Words of Wisdom: 08.01.18

Words of Wisdom

by Julie Weinstein

Something I’ve come to realize over the years and as I’ve gotten older is how interesting it is to see the different types of conversations that transpire between friends.

What I mean by that is I’ve found that with certain friends I have incredibly deep and thought provoking conversations about life, relationships, work, and everything in between. And with other friends it’s very on the surface – nothing bad, but very basic, with little depth. And then there are the friends (or those I like to limit my time with, really) who every time we’re together it feels like we’re talking about others. And it’s not necessarily talking badly about others; it’s simply talking about others, aka gossip, which I dislike greatly.

Now, I’m no perfect human. Heck, I’m far from. And I’ve certainly gossiped, but I truly try to avoid it at all costs. Not only is it just plain mean, but it also doesn’t make you or the person you’re talking to feel good. In fact, it can end up making you feel pretty crappy when all is said and done.


Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.

- Eleanor Roosevelt

I’m certainly not saying that all conversations that happen on this planet need to be incredibly deep, but I think it would benefit all of us if we all tried to cut back on the gossip and the shit-talking (for lack of a better word).

Of course we all need to vent from time to time and sometimes it’s necessary, but take inventory of the conversations you have on a daily basis. See if there’s a pattern and see if there are certain conversations that make you feel great and others that don’t.

Life moves pretty fast and the days fly by. Fill your finite time with those you enjoy talking with, those who lift you higher, and those that simply make you feel good (and those who you have fun with!).

Maybe next time you’re with someone who starts talking about others right away you can gently move the conversation in a different direction. It might be worth a try. See how it changes the energy and vibe of your time with your friend.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic in the comments below, too!

One more thing

Don’t forget – you can download a free printable of this quote here! Have a great day.

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