February 24, 2020

This is the Best Office for Startups in Houston

why Life Time Work has risen to the top in Houston

My Path to Finding Office Space

If you’ve visited my website in the past year, I probably don’t have to mention the fact that my house flooded one year ago. The pipe bursting event actually happened exactly one year ago today. Fun times <insert sarcasm>.

I totally do not intend to sound like a broken record by bringing it up all the time. But it truly has impacted practically every aspect of life. On the positive side, having my house flood actually gave me a fresh start and a fresh perspective. It gave me a greater appreciation for the small everyday moments of joy and happiness. And it’s encouraged me to live with less; truly, the less is more principle is powerful.

But from a practical perspective, having my house flood led to some difficulties and challenges. Once the house flooded and became unlivable, I was faced with two very immediate pressing concerns:

(1) where to live, and

(2) where to work.

You see, at the time, my team and I worked out of my home. In true city-living fashion, I had a multi-story townhouse. So the top floor was entirely dedicated to working. It was a combination of office space, lounging space, and even photo studio space in a pinch. So, at once, I lost both my home and my office. That put me on an immediate quest to find the best office space in Houston.

Keep scrolling for more information on the various coworking options in Houston, considerations when choosing coworking space, why I chose my office space, what I think is the best coworking space in Houston, and more… 

Coworking Options in Houston

Particularly over the last two years, there has been a proliferation of coworking options in the Houston area. This explosion of coworking options coincides with the growth of small businesses. Specifically, there are more and more “solopreneurs” if you will. Now, more than ever, it’s easy for an individual to start and run a successful digital business. Indeed,  that type of entrepreneur is the perfect client for coworking space.

After my home office flooded, we surveyed many coworking spaces in Houston. At the time, some of the most highly recommended options included The Cannon, Station Houston, and Local Office. Since then, Sesh Coworking has emerged as another hot one. All of these are good options in my book, as they cater to the serious entrepreneur. All of these provide excellent opportunities for networking and growing as a small business owner.

Some other Houston options quickly fell by the wayside for me for various reasons. Some had undesirable locations, inconvenient parking, cramped quarters, or something else that detracted from its allure to me.

In the end, Life Time Work stood out as the best office space in Houston for me.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Coworking Space

Of course, much like choosing a home, choosing an office space is a very personal matter to some extent. After all, you spend more waking hours of the day at the office than at home!

But as you begin your search for coworking space in Houston (and beyond), here are five key considerations to take into account.

1 – Location, location, location

It’s true when buying a house, and it’s true when selecting office space: Location matters! Some might even say location trumps all. While I’m not so sure about that, location is indeed one of the top criteria.

Is the coworking space close to your home? Is the coworking space near dining and shopping options? Is the coworking space convenient for hosting clients and meetings, if applicable? What does the location say about your brand/business?

And one often overlooked aspect of location is parking. Is there ample, convenient parking? Is the parking free, or do I have to pay extra? This factor may seem trivial at first, but over time these small conveniences can make or break your experience.

2 – Community of coworkers

Yes, I know – your office mates aren’t technically your coworkers in this case. Nevertheless, you need to surround yourself with a strong cohort. When you join a coworking space, whether you intend it or not, you are ultimately joining a network. So, ask yourself… Will these office mates challenge me and help me to grow my business? Will they serve as inspiration and motivation? Can I learn and mature professionally speaking in this space?

3 – Office environment

If you are going to spend so much time in a space, you should make sure you like the space! At the risk of sounding too “soft,” examine your emotions and feelings when you walk into the office. How does the space make you feel? Do you like the decor? Does it make you feel energized and excited and motivated? Is it modern and new and fresh? Or is it a bit dark and dingy and outdated? Indeed, our surroundings can influence our mood, our productivity, and more. So, make sure you pick wisely.

4 – The perks (and restrictions)

Practically every coworking space will offer specific amenities to its members. From snacks to games to gym memberships and more, there’s something for everyone. And that’s just it: amenities are a very personal preference. What perks would make your life better? Healthy snack options? Access to a gym? Ample conference room space? Admin support? IT support? Pause and consider which amenities would make you

On the flip side, as with most things in life, be sure to read the fine print. Some office spaces might have limitations on hours. Some might have restrictions on conference space and board rooms. Some coworking options might not allow visitors. Others still might require longterm contracts.

So, look around before you sign. Visit the space before you sign. And read before you sign. In other words, do your best to make sure this is a good fit.

5 – The budget

Lastly, since we do live in the real world and not a fantasy world, we must consider our budget. While we would all like to have the corner office in the tallest, most posh office building, that’s not a reality for most of us.

However, in many instances, coworking spaces offer different options or levels of membership. By choosing wisely, you can make your dollar stretch further. For example, maybe you opt for open office space instead of insisting on a private office. Or perhaps you opt for a smaller office rather than the largest.

No matter your budget, you can find an option that works for you.

5 Reasons Why I Chose Life Time Work

Without further delay, allow me to share with you precisely why I determined Life Time Work to be the best coworking space in Houston for me.

1 – Location, location, location

I have to admit: I have been an inside-the-loop snob for many years. But when my house flooded and I began to look for apartment space and office space, I was delighted with how much more space I could get in City Centre.

Even more importantly, I realized that City Centre isn’t that far from the center of the action. Indeed, many businesses are moving to the west side of town. And even when I do have to travel inside the loop, I can do so in only ten or fifteen minutes during non-peak traffic hours.

Furthermore, when I host colleagues at my office, parking is a breeze! Life Time Work has an attached gated parking garage, and they validate parking for all members and guests.

2 – Community of coworkers

Immediately upon entering Life Time Work, I knew I was among fellow seasoned professionals. My office mates, so to speak, have a wealth of knowledge and experience in a wide range of industries. The chance of finding a subject matter expert for any given subject is pretty high!

Add to that the fact that the support staff is top-notch, and you have a vibrant community of individuals who are supportive, helpful, and encouraging.

3 – Office environment

When I first started looking for coworking space, I had this incorrect perception of dingy overcrowded tight spaces jampacked with small office spaces. When I first visited Life Time Work, that paradigm was turned upon its head!

The decor here is modern, sleek, but also upscale and warm. Indeed, the workspaces are exceptional. The ergonomic furniture, the elegant fixtures, the stylish finishes: it’s all so elevated and well done! This office space is not your run-of-the-mill office space; this is premium coworking space.

And I haven’t even mentioned the views! Perched upon the 12th floor, this office space has some of the best views of the city! North, south, east, west – we have all the views covered! I’ve spent many nights watching the sunset at the office – and I’ve even seen a couple of sunrises. Plus, it’s really fun to watch the weather changes from this lofty vantage point.

4 – The perks

Now, this is where I could write a full book on the perks alone. Oh my, the amenities offered at Life Time Work are unrivaled. Where shall I start?

1 – The gym membership

Yes, a gym membership is included with your workspace membership. And this isn’t just a base gym membership. You get the top-level all-access gym membership from Life Time.

2 – The gym proximity

Add to that the fact that the gym is less than a block away from our office, and I now have no excuse not to workout! Ha.

3 – The healthy snacks and drinks

Each day, I’m greeted by freshly prepared filtered water infused with fresh fruits of the day. Plus, we have a state-of-the-art coffee machine that allows me to make my latte or mocha right here at the office!

Beyond that, we regularly have informal networking events, workshops, speakers, and more. The facility is designed to support my professional pursuits and my healthy living pursuits. It’s a great way to keep things in perspective and balance.

In summary, Life Time Work embraces and encourages the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. This fact, of course, should come as no surprise given the brand’s affiliation with its better-known sister brand of gyms.

5 – The budget

I have to admit – as I got closer to deciding upon an office space, I kind of got cold feet! I was somewhat scared of the commitment required by some of these spaces. However, with Life Time Work, they did not require me to make a longterm commitment. So, I felt like I had nothing to lose by trying it out.

Furthermore, I also wasn’t automatically locked into the type of workspace I chose. In fact, we have downsized our office space once, realizing that we didn’t need as much space as we had – but needed more natural light.

Life Time Work as a company and the support staff at City Centre operates with the flexibility and nimbleness to accommodate our changing needs.

Q&A with Life Time Work President James O’Reilly

Finally, given my evident love for Life Time, I frequently tag the brand on my Instagram. Each time I do, I get a lot of questions and comments. Most of you didn’t even know Life Time had entered the coworking market!

So, I recently sat down with Life Time Work president James O’Reilly to get all of your questions answered. Here’s a recap of our Q&A.

Q&A with the President of Life Time Work

Question: Why did Life Time decide to enter the coworking business?


We saw a need our members were expressing. We observed members working on their laptops and taking work calls in our club lobbies and cafes – and thought there must be a better way to respond to this need.

Question: How many Life Time Work facilities are there, and where are they?


We currently have four open: Ardmore, Pennsylvania; City Centre in Houston, Texas; and two in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where Life Time is headquartered.

We have many more planned to open in the coming months, including another in Houston. This one will be located at Green Street in downtown Houston.

Question: How do you choose where to open a Life Time Work facility?


We look for two things: a dynamic professional community along with proximity to our health clubs.

Question: What distinguishes Life Time Work from other coworking options? There are so many options these days!


We cater to established professionals by offering an elevated workspace that supports our members’ pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. That results in them being more productive, engaged, and fulfilled.

Question: What are some of the advantages and perks of Life Time Work?


With Life Time Work, our members gain a complimentary Diamond Health Club membership giving access to all our locations around the US. That is the number one perk.

We also support healthy living in many other ways, both big and small.

Question: Why do you think coworking is so popular these days?


Because much of the US workforce are increasingly working with more flexibility, primarily due to the proliferation of technology. The old idea of signing a 5-10 year office lease is just not appealing or applicable to many businesses.

Question: How much does it cost to join Life Time Work?


Memberships are flexible (cancelable with 60-days notice). We offer a range of options for our members from private offices to dedicated desks and open office space. These various options come with a variety of price points.

Consult our website or reach out to your local facility.

Question: Are your coworking spaces connected to the gyms?


Many are either connected (i.e., in the same building) or in very close proximity. That’s another healthy living perk that our members have.

In Closing

My experience at Life Time Work has surpassed all of my expectations! Whether you want to join me at Life Time Work in City Centre or check out a location near you, I highly recommend you take the brand into serious consideration.

Life Time Work is elevating the coworking experience. Once you see it for yourself, you’ll want to be a part of it! Let Life Time Work elevate your everyday.

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