How to Host a Girls Night In

Written by Julie Weinstein

Girlfriend time is the best! Wouldn’t you agree? Spending time with your girlfriends is so important and is truly good for the soul! As you know, we had a girls day out a few weeks ago, and it was really so much fun. And then we were thinking, maybe a girls night in would be just as great.  

Now, you may think that inviting people over to your home is too much trouble. Well, we are here to dispel that myth!

Indeed, people tend not to entertain or have people over to their home because they think it’ll be too much trouble. But that’s simply not the case. You can be real with your friends if they truly are good friends! So don’t be nervous about hosting. Just be your authentic self. Remember, it’s all about connecting with your friends in this case. Don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be.

So, when thinking about planning a girls night in, here are five tips that came to mind for us. Keep on reading for how to host the best girls night in…

1. Keep it Simple and Casual

Of course, there are plenty times to dress up and plan a more “fancy” affair. And you know we love to dress up! But, as we mentioned above, when we think of girls nights in, we think simplicity and casual attire! After all, all of us women live busy hectic lives. Let’s not make this girls night in another thing to stress about, okay?

Now, when we say “casual”, even sweats are totally allowed, and, in fact, encouraged! That way, everyone is cozy and comfortable and the focus can be on time spent together, not so much on what you’re wearing. Carrie wore her favorite sweatpants by Ingrid & Isabel with a super soft sweatshirt


2. Add Just a Few Special Touches

You can certainly add a little something extra by putting out flowers like these gorgeous ones we got from Franzie’s. Again, you can keep it simple by selecting a few colors that’ll be incorporated into the food, and then pick flowers to coordinate. As well, you can pull out your nicer dishes and napkins, just for added touches, like these dessert plates and cocktail napkins from Mark & Graham


3. Don’t Sweat the Food

Again, keep it simple, even with the food. Picking up beautiful and delicious sweets, like the ones we got from Petite Sweets, is a great idea. Don’t stress yourself out about preparing homemade goodies, if that’s not your thing. Again, it’s really more about hanging out together and catching up, but, of course, who would ever deny sweets? Rather than make a whole meal, you can really keep it just desserts and drinks. Our drink of choice was rosé, but depending on the time of year, you could do spiked apple cider or a hot toddy, too. 


4. Make it Cozy

Another nice touch to make it extra cozy is to have soft, plush blankets available for each of your friends like this one. That way, you can all cozy up on the couch with your cupcakes and rosé and just laugh and chat! You can also make it a movie night and put on a fun chick flick if you’d like.


5. Relax and Have Fun

This is the type of event you can totally relax at, even as the hostess! That’s right – even you should enjoy this night with friends.When else do you get to spend such time at ease with some of your best girls? Truly enjoy every moment!


Mark & Graham Plates and Napkins

We wanted to call out these Mark & Graham dessert plates, in particular, as we immediately fell in love with them. You know how much we adore stripes, and the red and navy color ways make them perfect for any “All American” holiday or party, such as your upcoming Labor Day BBQs! And they work just as well for non-holiday occasions, as you can see here.
We also think the Mark & Graham cocktail napkins are the perfect complement to any party or even just a night at home. And the monogramming and different colors make them extra special.
Both these items really make great gifts. Whether for a newly engaged couple, a birthday gift for a girlfriend, or a bridal shower gift, they are beautiful plates and napkins that can be used time and time again.

One More Thing

What’s your favorite way to spend a girls night in? We’d love to hear in the comments below! Have a great rest of your weekend and we’ll see you back here Monday!

Photos by Traci Ling

Thank you to Petite Sweets for the delicious treats and to Franzie’s for the beautiful flowers!

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  1. Hi there!
    Carrie’s football t shirt is super cute. I think my favourite girls’ night in was when my book club was meeting regularly. Those were always fun evenings.

    Take care,

    1. Carrie says:

      It’s so soft too! Ah that sounds like fun, Sheri! Xo

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