Happy Friday!

Written by Hannah Lyons

Hey everyone and Happy Friday! Last week we took a quick break from our ‘Inspired by’ series to bring you 7 tips for wearing stripes in honor of National Stripe Day. It’s definitely a post you’ll want to check out if you haven’t yet. Nevertheless, we’re back today with a favorite artist of ours, Ashley Longshore!

A Little on Ashley 

Ever since Carrie introduced me to Ashley Longshore, I quickly became a fan and my obsession deepened. My adoration peaked when I saw that Carrie herself owns more than a few of Longshore’s pieces in her home! Seeing Ashley’s work first-hand is quite magical. No doubt, I admire Ashley’s vibrant style and extremely witty personality. She can make just about anyone enamored with her awe-inspiring, creative life.

Accordingly, in the case you’re not familiar with her, we’ll fill you in! So here’s a little on Ashley:

  • She’s based in Louisiana and she owns Longshore Studio Gallery, which is located on Magazine Street in New Orleans. May I add, it’s just as exciting as she is! You can catch glimpses of her gallery on her Instagram.
  • Her art has a hard focus on modern pop culture, Hollywood glamour, and American consumerism. Longshore herself has been considered the present-day Andy Warhol. Much of her art has been featured in everywhere from Forbes to Elle Magazine to Vogue and Hollywood Reporter. You may have even caught actress Blake Lively bragging on her.
  • She’s a self-taught artist! Ashley was a student attending the University of Montana when she decided to take a semester off to paint. From there, her crazy career took off…or as they say, the rest is history. 

17 Ashley Longshore + Spring Season Inspired Items

Furthermore, we can’t help but feel that Ashley’s paintings tie in, oh so well, with the spring season. Today’s current trends include florals, bright colors – pink, light blue, lime green – and bold shoes. So we added items that show a little bit of everything. Additionally, we have added some items that definitely fit well with Ashley’s personality herself, including the large-framed Gucci sunglasses, platform sandals, and Chanel perfume.

Product Details:

1 – Topshop Ruffle Pencil Skirt | 2 – Imari’ Floral One-Piece | 3 – Gucci Light Blue Loafers | 4 – Chanel Perfume | 5 – Frill Platform Sandal | 6 – Gucci Oversize Square Sunglasses | 7 – Ruffle Cold Shoulder Top | 8 – Safavieh Lacey Garden Stool | 9 – Tom Ford Eye and Cheek Palette | 10 – Bad Girls Throughout History Book | 11 – Dahlia Thermal Mug | 12 – Baby Doll Kiss and Blush Duo Stick | 13 – Stecy Wow Clutch | 14 – Benefit Cosmetics Cheek Parade | 15 – Ardell Faux Mink Lash | 16 – ‘Bubblestream’ Collar Necklace | 17 – Kate Spade Pretty Pom Tassel Drop Earrings

In Conclusion:

Well, we hope you’re even more inspired for the spring season now! Be sure to visit Ashley’s Instagram and tell us in the comments which piece is your favorite. I’m dying to know! Additionally, come back later for Carrie’s weekend edition. And as always, wishing you a wonderful weekend + sending positive vibes your way!

Graphic design by Ashley Cardoza


  1. Azanah says:

    I was just down by where her studio is a few weeks ago! So much art and culture there.


  2. Isabella says:

    Inspired by your post! Thank you for sharing this! Nice selection!

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