February 19, 2018

A Letter to Elle at Eight Months

This is the eighth in a series of monthly updates during Elle’s first year.

Elle at Eight Months

Dear sweet girl,

Happy eight months!

This month, you have developed so much. As I’ve told several friends, I feel like all of a sudden I no longer have a baby, but I have this tiny person with her own personality and wants and desires and opinions. And it’s awesome.

This month, you kept crawling around – and got faster and faster and better and better each day. Our lives have changed with you on the move!

This month, you learned to stand up on your own! And you much prefer standing to sitting or lying down. Standing up puts an immediate huge smile on your face.

This month, on the subject of standing up, you have learned to stand up in your crib. While this is great exercise and practice, it has made nap time a bit more challenging. You are so very proud and excited about your new skills that you’d rather practice them than nap – even when you’re exhausted.

This month, you really mastered the motion of walking. Of course, this is while I’m holding your sweet little hands. But you definitely know the motion to make. You just have to gain a little more strength, sweet girl.

This month, your babbling continued to increase. We can’t wait to understand exactly what you’re trying to tell us. In the meantime, your babbling is the sweetest sound ever.

This month, you got your third tooth (one on top) – with more clearly on the way. You really enjoy eating! Some of your favorite foods included avocados, sweet potatoes, smoothies, frozen yogurt, and gelato. We really haven’t found anything you don’t like yet. I’m glad you have a wide taste palette!

This month, you had some fun sleepovers with Tita and her family. We are so blessed that you are so loved by so many, especially them. Oh how they have enriched our lives.

This month, you’ve really bonded with your daddy. I love when you two do things together. And I love the way you smile at him.

This month, your personality has really emerged. You have always been sweet, and you still are. But it’s been fun to see other aspects of your personality come to light. You are a determined little girl full of spunk and maybe some sass too. Oh my, I think we are going to have our hands full. In the best possible way, of course.

This month, you have once again expanded my heart and enriched my life more than I could imagine, sweet girl! You teach me life lessons daily. You teach me how to find joy daily, you teach me how to enjoy the simple things, and you teach me how to laugh every single day. In fact, dare I say, you even make me silly! And that’s saying a lot for this normally rather serious mommy of yours.

Thank you, sweet baby, for making me a mommy to the sweetest baby ever. Thank you, sweet baby, for this adventure that we are on together. Doing life with you is the best thing ever.

I love you,


Carrie’s look: Chinti and Parker sweater (also seen here) / J.Crew jeans (older, similar here) / Golden Goose sneakers (sold out, similar here) / Colores Collective for Carrie Colbert “Rita” pink pom pom earrings

Elle’s look: Janie and Jack heart ponte dress / Gucci metallic loafers / Willow Crowns headband


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Photos by Maritere Rice, Balloon by Big Ass Balloons


  1. Treise says:

    Carrie, I just adore your monthly letters to Elle. I can hear all the love and pride you have for Elle in your writing. Thank you so much for sharing with us. She is the most beautiful baby girl. You are so lucky and blessed to know and love her.

    1. That is the kindest comment ever. Thank you so much, T! Appreciate your loyal support and encouragement.


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