January 12, 2020

Looking Forward Into 2020

and looking back at 2019

Let's Chat

Let’s be honest… 2019 was weird.

Plain and simple, it was a weird year! I could say it actually sucked because parts of it really sucked. But that would be denying all the good that was woven through the year as well.

But it was full of unexpected twists and turns — most notably my house flooding in February 2019, which I briefly shared when it happened and more extensively later upon reflection. And as I shared, the house flooding was just the tip of the iceberg… I was (and am still) going through legal crap on a personal basis, had a big change-up in my staff for several reasons, moved into a temporary home, and so forth. I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

It wasn’t my favorite year. I was glad to say goodbye and good riddance. And I’m even more excited to say hello to a new year!

Keep reading for more thoughts on my plan going forward, as I need your help.

In fact, I have a special incentive for giving me feedback!

So, keep scrolling. 🙂

Top Posts of 2019

Bottom line: I didn’t blog very much at all in 2019. While I am very proud of the content I did publish, I didn’t post much in terms of quantity.

In case you’re curious, here are some of my favorite posts from 2019:

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Why I’m not posting about the Nordstrom sale

A Realistic Plan for 2020

I want to develop a realistic plan for the blog (and thus social media) for 2020.

The truth of the matter is that I don’t have a big team working with me on the blog anymore. The truth of the matter is that I have another exciting business venture that’s taking up a lot of my time.

But the other side of the coin is this… The truth of the matter is that I miss connecting with you all more regularly. The truth of the matter is that I miss writing on the blog. The truth of the matter is that I miss crafting and concocting colorful creations — whether it be home, entertaining, mural hunting, fashion, or whatever.

With all that in mind, it clearly is no longer practical for me to post to the blog twice a day, as we were doing for a while! Whew. What were we thinking?! Ha.

But I do think it is realistic for me to post two to three times a week. 

As you know, when I do post, I prefer it to be long-form, substantive, value-adding content. I don’t like posting a bunch of fluff. That’s just not me. I want it somehow to enrich your day — to teach you, to encourage you, to inspire you, to make you think, etc.

So, that kind of content does take some time to craft. Have you ever wondered what all goes into creating a blog post? Here are just a few of the steps I undertake:

1 – coming up with the creative concept,

2 – creating a visual mood board

3 – photographing the imagery to accompany the concept

4 – writing the words in a way that appeals to you the reader, plus performs well SEO-wise

5 – pulling it all together in a blog post – words, photos, graphics, etc

6 – promoting the blog post on social media

… and that’s just a high-level glance!

I Need Your Help!

Now comes the most crucial part of this post:

I desperately need your help!

Sure, I know what performs well on social media. Sure, I know what does well in terms of SEO. Sure, I know what my most popular pages are historically.

But what matters most is what you all want to see now. I know that I have evolved, as I’m sure you have. So, if you could take a few minutes of your time to answer these questions and leave me any other feedback, I would be ever so appreciative!

Here are some questions for discussion, but feel free to give any feedback at all — good, back, and everything in between.

Do you want me to share more outfits again?

Do you want me to share more shopping finds — things I’m eyeing, sales, etc?

What subjects do you like to see here — fashion, lifestyle, home, family, business?

What subject do you want to see less of here?

What do you like to see on IG?

Do you watch IG stories regularly?

Do you like to see me talking on IG stories, or do you prefer photos and typing?

Why do you follow me on social media and read my blog?

Please leave some comments!

As a Special Thank You

As a small token of appreciation, I have a $100 gift card to Nordstrom to give away randomly to someone who comments on this blog post. Thank you in advance for your helpful insights and input!


  1. Cheryl says:

    I’ve been following you since your scrapbooking days! I’ve always enjoyed your travel/fashion, and you’ve expanded to so much more and I love it! I love that you include “business” advice, and especially your reasons for NOT covering the Nordstrom sale. I trust that you are posting things that you truly believe in and not just schilling products. You have a good balance between personal/family and business content, which is perfect.

  2. Marie Dang says:

    2020 here comes Carrie! Ya’ll better watch out!! I love follwing you and knowing what fabulous things you are posting! Thank you!

  3. Erin says:

    Hi Carrie! Of course my fave is and probably will always be your fashion posts! I’d love to see sales and items you’re eyeing. I love how you’ve been re wearing your fave pieces too! It’s refreshing to see.

  4. Gina says:

    I’d love to see you post more home decor as well as practical, everyday outfits. I think you have such a strong sense of color and you know what works well home-wise and fashion-wise, and these are two talents that not every person can claim. On the flip side of spending money, I’d also love to see some money-saving tips and budgeting tips on just about anything! It’s all about balance, right? 🙂

  5. Raven says:

    Home & family/real life are always my favorite topics! I come here because I’ve known you for 100 years and miss crafting, too! 🙂 xoxo

  6. Coco Martin says:

    I really like your Instagram stories. It’s fun to see your personality, behind the scenes, and q and a. I would say more of those:)

  7. Vicki Boutin says:

    Hi Friend!!!

    Here’s to a much better 2020!!

    I love outfits…especially affordable options. Love funky, colourful finds!

    Love shopping and cool finds!!!

    Home decor, crafting. That’s my jam. Travel stuff. Hot spots around your town! So when visiting, I can find them.

    Just keep doing what you really love…and what YOU love to post about! I like pretty images and short and sweet…and I LOVE YOU!

  8. Letty says:

    Do you want me to share more outfits again? Yes and no. Most bloggers are about spending, spending, spending, and it’s kinda getting old. There is no real connection with the followers.

    Do you want me to share more shopping finds — things I’m eyeing, sales, etc? Yes, but integrated with everyday-life posts.

    What subjects do you like to see here — fashion, lifestyle, home, family, business? A good balance between all of them. My personal favorites are family and lifestyle related posts .

    What do you like to see on IG? Elle posts! 🙂

    Do you watch IG stories regularly? Yes

    Do you like to see me talking on IG stories, or do you prefer photos and typing? I like both, but mostly prefer typing because it’s easier to refer back to, if needed.

    Why do you follow me on social media and read my blog? I started following you years ago because of your lovely sense of fashion, but now that my life has evolved and I have a little one, I relate more to the family related content, more so. Fashion is always good though, keep it coming!

  9. Taryn says:

    I love your style. It’s what first drew me to your blog & IG account a few years ago and I’ve appreciated your evolution with it over the life seasons. Would love to see you continue to share things you enjoy in that area, whether it’s clothing, home decor, sales, unique finds. Whatever you’re drawn to in your sincere way. On IG, I mostly scroll without sound, but will occasionally will come back to listen. Cheers to a happy & fulfilling 2020!

  10. Lauren Cox says:

    First of all, everything you do is amazing! I’m not just saying that. All of your content, no matter the topic, whether it be fashion or a more serious matter, is always relevant, meaningful and leaves a good message or is thought provoking. When I first started my @FitFashionFile Instagram account, yours was one I looked up to (and still look up to!) for color, happiness and joy. And these are the things I hope people see when they view my pictures. Your styling for the home, fashion and lifestyle are some of my favorite things. I would love to continue to see a focus on these aspects!! Also, I look up to your business history and experience. Reading your advice for growing influencers or women in the working world is very enlightening and real. With this said, I love the more business side of your content as well when you combine it with your lifestyle and colorful world. Hope this helps Carrie!!! Xoxoxo

  11. Suma says:

    Your fashion posts are amazing! Add I love all the colorful wall murals you find.
    You have also inspired me to wear more color. Specially love your tips on how to add color to work-wear.

  12. Holly says:

    Happy New Year! To be completely honest, I’m not reading blog posts like I use to but I always enjoy reading yours! You are just so darn relatable and I LOVE your style of writing (and, of course, your love of color!).

    Do you want me to share more outfits again? Love seeing what you find – more work and casual outfits that don’t break the bank. Probably the biggest reason I stopped reading posts was because everyone was trying to sell you something. It just got overwhelming with the consuming. I would like to see quality pieces that will last versus trendy that I’ll want to say bye bye to within months.

    Do you want me to share more shopping finds — things I’m eyeing, sales, etc? Yes, especially if you find it useful

    What subjects do you like to see here — fashion, lifestyle, home, family, business? Lifestyle, home and family!

    What subject do you want to see less of here?

    What do you like to see on IG? Color!!! And, of course, murals!

    Do you watch IG stories regularly? All.the.time!

    Do you like to see me talking on IG stories, or do you prefer photos and typing? Combination of both

    Why do you follow me on social media and read my blog? Because you are real and it truly feels like an IRL friendship – cheesy, but true 😉

  13. Katie says:

    Carrie!!!! First off- love you, sister. Thank you for doing what you do- being vulnerable, working your ass off, and putting yourself out there for all of US!
    To answer some of your questions:
    -I always love shopping finds, but would super love more affordable stuff! Not sure if you do that much though.
    -I’d also love to see tips on how to stay motivated, ORGANIZED, and productive. That’s something I struggle with a lot (I get overwhelmed easily) and would love your perspective.
    -I always love your beautifully crafted, colorful photos on IG and I love seeing the happy photos of your family!
    -always watch IG stories! Love a good mix of text and talking 🙂
    – I feel thankful to know you in real life AND get to follow along online. I always will.


  14. Jacqueline says:

    Honestly I just love seeing more about your life. I am personally not a huge fashion person but I am enamored with Elle and love seeing you do mom things with her. But that may be pretty specific to me and not very helpful! Lol

  15. Kim Gordon says:

    My thoughts…
    I love the mirror, windows and doors, and beams in the photos for this post, so I would like to get more info on those, and see more things like that. My IG feed is mostly home, lifestyle, and fast and healthy recipes, but that’s me.

    I like your curated collections, and when you provide similar items at different price points…then I can decide if I want to splurge or save.

    I’d like to say that I’ve used some of your restaurant and things-to-do in Houston recommendations, but usually when I’m there, I don’t have time…

    And, of course, all things Texas Longhorn…🧡 Best wishes to you and Elle in 2020!

  16. Julie says:

    Hi Carrie!
    I love reading your blog and watching you on ig stories. I really like your style and would love to see more “candid” blips of what you’re eyeing or a good find, or if you notice a sale. I love the beautiful content you create and can tell you really out effort into it but I would be ok if you hit us with less curated moments on ig stories of those easy to link things you find here and there! I’m excited for 2020 for you and hope it’s the best!

  17. Yliana says:

    Wishing you and Elle a happy new year ! I’ve been following you for a couple of years now and I LOVE the cheerfulness, honesty , and positivity of your feed and blog. Thank you for sharing with us ! 💕🌈👗

  18. Stephanie says:

    Hey Carrie!
    As a new friend, fan, and reader of yours, and, one that knows a bit about your upcoming new venture, I’d love to learn and read about the things you are learning, seeing, and observing as you meet more and more women in business who are reaching for the stars. You do such a great job of mashing up your personal life (with it’s ups and downs) with the fun of fashion and design, and I’d love to learn even more from you from a business pov. Tips, tricks, insider secrets. All that and more! x Steph

  19. Lori says:

    I started following for the colorful happy fashion. I’d like to see more travel stories. I enjoy picture and text instastories, I rarely watch video ones.

  20. Becky says:

    I’ve followed you since early in your scrapbooking days. I love seeing about fashion and home and pretty much anything to be honest.

  21. Kristen says:

    More fashion please! The reason I was drawn to your account was C-O-L-O-R! I love that your outfits always have color and some sort of playful twist. Would be really cool even to see a collab one day, or maybe your own line?🙏🏻

  22. Alexis says:

    I like family and lifestyle content on the blog. On IG stories I prefer text, I usually watch them with the sound off.

  23. Layne Van Vranken says:

    I would love to give you some feedback!

    I would love to see more outfit posts again! They are actually the reason I started following you in the first place. You posted this gorgeous yellow velvet pleated skirt and I was sold! In terms of posts about sales, I feel like the brands/stores I want to buy from do a good enough job of getting the news out there on their own. The subjects I would love to see more of would be style, business and personal/family! Your readers clearly want to know more about you, as your more vulnerable/personal content has indicated. In terms of things I want to see less of, it always bums me out when a product is sold out or backordered when a blogger posts about it. I don’t think I’ve seen you do that, but that’s my advice to fashion bloggers in general. In terms of your Instagram, I want to keep seeing colorful outfits. I don’t like talking on social media stories, but I feel like I’m a rare one. I love to type questions and review them later. I follow you because you are so inspirational in both your business acumen and also your personal style. I love that you’re a Houstonian, too!

  24. Lori Burress says:

    Love, love, love reading your blogs and watching you Instagram stories!! I enjoy the fashion and murals tremendously. No matter what’s going on in your world, you are always so positive and cheerful. I love seeing Elle and the mothering you provide❤️❤️

  25. Amber says:

    I’ve been a fan since your scrapbooking days! Love seeing the fashion, but don’t really care about sales because it’s not my style. I find your posts about travel, business, personal life very interesting. I mostly follow on IG, posts and stories. Don’t mind talking stories but type is easier to follow in most situations quietly. Thank you for keeping your posts and contact with us fun but realistic!

  26. Rhianna Taniguchi says:

    I love your work.
    Re: your questions – I don’t watch a lot of IG stories and I do love when you share things I can buy – either for the home or for my closet. This year has been tough for you, I hope 2020 gives you the rest and peace you deserve 🙂

    1. Thanks so very much, Rhianna.

  27. Rachel says:

    I like the home shopping finds, decor ideas and biz info. I prefer to read over watching video but that is just me! I love all the color inspiration within whatever topic too. Yay 2020!

    1. I appreciate all the feedback, friend!

      Noted on the home and decor stuff. I anticipate doing more of that this year.

      And I’m with you – I prefer reading. That will likely continue to be my main mode of communication.

      And there will certainly be tons of color! Thanks again.

  28. Alex Lane says:

    I don’t follow many people’s stories, and I am always excited to see yours! I will look at posts, but I have little interest in stories. It is a bit intangible why I like yours so much.. 1( Just love you. But … 2) Your stories are interesting and include many different topics. I love the variety and your sweet family. I also like to see the affordable clothing for myself since me (Mom) doesn’t get to spend much on clothes anymore. Also, I love your home decor style and anything daughter/ cute clothes gifts related! 💗 Like that cute gap sweater dress!

    1. Thanks so much for this feedback, Alex! You’re awesome.

  29. Hey Carrie!

    I know this is an older post but I’m not great at clicking through to comment from Bloglovin’ so I figured I’d still chime in now that I’m here!

    I ABSOLUTELY want to see you share more outfits. When you started your blog you were much different than other options of blogs out there because of your use of color and really bold, unique point of view. I think you have such an eye for fashion and I would see things on WWW that I hadn’t seen elsewhere. Lots of bloggers just have their take on existing trends and you were showing things I hadn’t seen elsewhere.

    I know your lifestyle has changed as you have become a mother and other factors, but when I think of you, I still think of a lot of glamour and really unique color, pattern, and silhouette mixing. Totally understand you may not be in 4″ stilettos and designer pieces on your way to a fashion show weekly these days, but I definitely want to see the spirit of those looks, even if it is more pedestrian and affordable.

    If I had to count how many fashion bloggers I could pull up right now wearing high waist jeans, a black and white striped top, layered gold necklaces, and tan sandals…. ooof I’d never stop. 😉

    I appreciate when you link products you are featuring, of course, but I am over the blogger trend of just doing product round ups on a white background. I can find my own black skinny jeans or knotted headband or cross-body bag. I don’t need a photo with links to 17 options for that product. HOWEVER, I do want to see how they could be styled. I’m really looking for that content! Instead of 10 pairs of jeans and one way you’ve styled them, I’d rather see 1 pair of jeans and 5 ways you’ve styled them. (Totally understand that is more work!) The styling posts you’ve been doing on your IG stories are a new favorite.

    I also love that you’ve integrated business including behind-the-scenes of running your company. This is also not something you see tied to every fashion blog and really like it. You seem so organized and intentional in how you approach goals, it would be interesting how you apply that business mindset to your home, parenting, creating your life in general.

    I personally am not interested in family (though Elle is adorable!) or home (I don’t need inspiration in that area – I only follow DIY accounts or home accounts that share the very specific, nitty gritty of projects or renovations) though they aren’t a turn off to me.

    I like that you’ve shared more of yourself and I think your followers are very responsive to that especially to “cheer you on,” so to speak, during the transitions you’re going through. Selfishly part of me says, “share it all or say nothing!” because you are vague, but I also understand there are other people and a child involved and this isn’t a diary. Like I said, selfishly!

    Yes! Everyday! I like talking and static posts, but like when the talking at least has a caption so I know what it is in case I am listening on silent.

    I hope that helps! I have loved following you for years and am happy to support your awesome channels!

    1. I adored reading this! Thanks for all the feedback, Jess!

  30. 2020 will be a great year for you! Hope it all works out!

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