December 18, 2018

5 Ideas for Creating the Most Beautiful Rainbow Christmas

In the Christmas spirit in a colorful way!

A Rainbow Christmas

Have you ever had an idea you just can’t let go of?

An idea that just keeps bothering you, until you bring it to life.

Well, that was me. About two years ago, I had this idea of a rainbow-themed Christmas tree. For whatever reason, though, the opportunity to bring said idea to reality just didn’t really present itself. Nevertheless, that idea continued to percolate in my head.

Then, last year, my team and I were discussing out-of-the-box Christmas tree ideas. One idea that came up was a floral Christmas tree — a tree decked out in faux florals, somewhat like this lovely DIY floral tree by Design Love Fest, but with our own unique colorful twist. We loved the idea, but it seemed like a bit too much to tackle last year.

This year, however, was going to be different. This year was going to be the year that I finally created the rainbow tree of my dreams – and somehow wove this floral concept into it.

But then, this fall, I stumbled upon this House Beautiful article declaring the biggest Christmas trend this year to be rainbow Christmas trees. Well, crap, I said to myself. Now I don’t look original. I just look basic. Ugh. And you all know we don’t like to be basic around here! Haha. Note to self: act on ideas when you have them in order to stay ahead of the curve! Lesson learned.

Nevertheless, I persisted with this notion, as I knew I wanted to put our unique spin on it. By unique, I mean extra AF. You know we don’t do things half way around here! And by unique, I wanted to make it rainbow, but sophisticated. Rainbows can sometimes be viewed as juvenile. But I didn’t want to go the kids route. I truly love the meaning and symbolism behind rainbows, and I pretty much think they are appropriate at any age.

So, I set out to create a sophisticated rainbow Christmas! Keep reading for all the ways we made this happen, and how you, too, can create the most rainbow filled Christmas of your dreams in just a few simple steps. Merry merry!

5 Ideas for Creating the Most Rainbow Filled Christmas

As with any idea, power can be found in repetition. More is more! So, if you’re going for a rainbow Christmas, you might as well go all out and carry the concept throughout!

1. The tree

Well, this year when I started to research options for creating the rainbow tree of my dreams, I stumbled upon this amazing rainbow colored Christmas tree from Treetopia. By the time I was ready to order, they had sold out of the size I needed. But it was probably for the best.

I ended up choosing this tree (and matching garland). I love the classic Christmas look this tree gives my space. It serves as the perfect base for the colorful craziness! And they have so many good options to choose from. A big thanks to our friends at Treetopia for gifting this tree to our family.

Now, when it came time to carry out my floral vision, I knew I needed help. This is when it helps to have talented friends! Also, this is when it helps to have talented friends who are also as crazy and extra as you are! This is exactly what happened: I texted my friend Phuong of Mibellarosa a picture of the Treetopia rainbow tree and said, “Are you ready for a challenge? Let’s create something like this, but super sophisticated and super extra.”

And the rest is history… A day of decorating later, we present to you our DIY floral rainbow Christmas tree!


Tips from Phuong

– Create your own rainbow. Choose your own colors. Instead of using purple (which is not Carrie’s favorite color), we decided to add more of Carrie’s favorites like pinks and cyan to make the tree brighter. 

– Silk flowers weigh much less than fresh flowers and they fluff out a lot more to cover more of the tree for you. You also won’t have to replace the flowers weekly and can reuse them for years to come. Low maintenance is a good thing! Just remember to dust! 

– When adding flowers, layer them in at different depth for more dimension so your tree won’t look flat or fat. 

Have you ever seen anything more incredible? Our jaws dropped as we saw Phuong work her magic. It’s everything I could have ever hoped for in a tree and so much more.

Along with the flowers, we added our ornaments to coordinate with each color. A tip from me: place your ornaments at varying depths as well. As with fashion or interior design, layering creates a polished looking space. Give that tree some depth and layers!

2. Stockings and tree skirt

In keeping with the rainbow theme, I obviously had to search for colorful coordinating stockings and tree skirt. You wouldn’t believe how hard I searched! While this is not totally what I originally envisioned in my head, I was pleased to find this colorful felt trimmed tree skirt and two coordinating stockings to match. Aren’t they fun and festive?

3. The mantle

The rainbow aspect of the mantle was a bit of an afterthought. I was planning simply to cascade this classic pre-lit garland around the mantle. But then we had a few flowers leftover, so Phuong and I went to work on giving even the mantle a touch of rainbow goodness!

We didn’t have enough to run the florals down the sides of the garland. So, we just improvised with some fun colorful ornaments. We rounded up all the sweet, candy themed ornaments I had and tied those onto the garland.


4. Mini trees

Do you remember the velvet pumpkins we used for our Friendsgiving table? We still aren’t over them! And then when we saw these velvet trees from Manor, we knew we needed them as part of our Christmas set up! Our dear friend Beth so sweetly helped us get our hands on multiple sets of them, and they were the perfect addition to the fireplace. Aren’t the rich, jewel tones just gorgeous and don’t they so perfectly complement the tree?

5. Pajamas

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget your cozy matching pajamas! Bonus points if you can find a set that coordinates with your tree, but if not, that’s ok, too. We went with the multi stripe sets from Hanna Andersson.


Tree: Treetopia c/o

Garland: Treetopia c/o

Flowers: Hobby Lobby

Velvet trees: Manor

Tree skirt: Arcadia Home

Stockings (available in multiple colors): Arcadia Home (some colors also available on Amazon)

Pajamas: Hanna Andersson

More Rainbow Christmas Inspiration

Does this have you craving even more rainbow Christmas tree inspiration? We suggest you check out these favorite resources of ours:

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A few more things

A huge thank you again goes out to Phuong, Beth, and Treetopia for helping us create the most perfect, rainbow Christmas. It exceeded all of our expectations.

Now we want to hear all about your Christmas tree. Please let us know in the comments below!

Have a great day.


  1. Erin says:

    Absolutely knocked it outta the park with this rainbowtastic tree and decor, Carrie!

    1. Thank you, Erin!!! Appreciate all your colorful support. Xo

  2. Cayla says:

    So beautiful!! I love it all. Looks very sophisticated and fun!! Also looks great with the art above your mantle. Who is the artist?

    1. Hi Cayla – thanks so much!

      Oh I meant to include that info. The art is by Michael Wein. Check him out! He’s actually cousins (?) with Julie who works with me. I purchased it from him during a pop up here in Houston about a year ago.

      Here’s his website:

  3. Lauren says:

    Carrie, this is just incredible! You and your team did such an amazing job at bringing your ideas to life and it is truly unlike anything I have ever seen! Bravo – absolutely fabulous!! XO

    1. Oh Lauren – that is so kind of you to say! Thank you so very much!

    1. Thanks for sharing, friend! Xo

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